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Also known as Persian cat Persian cat; It is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. This species, which emerged at the beginning of the 17th century in the Iranian geography, from which it got its name; emerged completely naturally, untouched by human hands. From that day on, the breed, which attracted great attention around the world, began to spread rapidly to many parts of the world. It can be almost any color Persian cat, or it can be crossbred for different colors. In this article, we have examined everything about the Persian cat, which preserves its characteristic features and continues to attract attention with its specific aspects.

Persian Cat Characteristics

The Persian cat, which cannot leave the house due to its sensitive nature, is characteristically a completely house cat. They have an average life span of 10-15 years. Persian cats, who enter puberty later than other cat breeds, may not show heat until they are 12-18 months old. The best age for them to be mated is 18 months and up.

Persian cat; It is a cat breed with a high level of intelligence, a fast learner, friendly, attached to its owner and very calm. Although it is very difficult to maintain, its beauty makes it indispensable. He can sit for hours on the lap of the people he loves and loves him, and we can understand how docile he is from here. As much as she longs to be loved, she is also quite coy. When you are not interested in him, he will make movements that will attract attention.

In addition to his good relationship with people, he also establishes very good relationships with other animals. Although he likes to play and move around, he may suddenly start sleeping where he is because of his quickly bored nature. When he gets older, although he is active, he can become a little lazy.

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Persian Cat Care

In the care of this species, priority belongs to the feathers. The secret of the beauty of their feathers is hidden in their well-groomed nature; It needs professional care and nutrition. This is very costly and difficult. Their hair should be brushed and combed every day. Brushing should be done with a soft cat brushing comb. Since its hair is long and dense, it can prevent the skin from getting air when it clumps. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the lumps that may occur while brushing.

In addition to brushing, washing should generally be done using dry shampoo or foam shampoo. You can get help from pet hairdressers for grooming, but since the maintenance will be daily, it can be quite expensive both in terms of money and time. Therefore, Persian cat care needs patient attention from its owner.

Diseases Seen in Persian Cat

The Persian cat, which is beautiful as well as difficult to care for, can unfortunately experience many health problems. Let’s examine these diseases together.

Eye Problems: Due to his flattened nose and sunken eye sockets, the liquid formed in his eyes flows outwards, not inwards. Since the discharge in the eyes continues continuously, staining may occur around the eyes when not cleaned properly and regularly. The Persian cat, which has sunken eye sockets, can cause fungal and bacterial infections around the eyes as a result of the enlargement of the tear ducts and the accumulation of tears in the eye.

Heart Problems: Due to its sedentary and lazy nature, this species, which tends to gain weight, faces the risk of heart disease when it cannot breathe adequately and properly. Among the Persian cats in the world, 10 out of every 100 Persian cats have heart disease. This heart disease can lead to untimely and sudden losses. Male cats are more at risk than females.

Breathing Problems: Due to its flattened nose structure, it is very prone to respiratory disorders. Due to their nose structure, sensitive noses cannot withstand conditions such as humidity, heat, cold, dry air in the air. The respiratory problems that result from this are the reason Persians are sedentary. The type that can’t breathe easily can’t get enough oxygen for the body that gets tired by moving. Therefore, their movements should be kept under constant control.

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Persian Cat Adoption

The Persian cat is a very popular breed with its long hair and magnificent beauty. For this reason, they are sold at exorbitant prices instead of being owned. We PetSurfer We give full support to the #purchase-owning campaign and recommend that you buy and own them. You can make an indescribable friend by adopting stray Persian cats that need love and attention.

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