Earn Money by Dog Sitting!

Dogs have been the closest friend of man and humanity since the day they existed. This is why dogs are used to symbolize friendship in many works of art. Our canine friends, who have been friends and companions to people at every stage of history, in every field, and who know how to be a trouble partner when necessary, as well as being a source of joy, can live with us in our homes as well as in the natural life.

If you think like us and love dogs and being with dogs, but for some reason you can’t live with them, we have a great idea for you. Do you want to spend time with dogs and earn money in your spare time? If your answer is yes, dog sitting is for you!

Dog sitting, which is usually done for a short time, has become widespread enough to become a regular profession today. Moreover, the earnings can reach levels that can be considered quite full, as well as the pleasure you receive. This means a great source of income for you as well as the good memories you will save with your canine friends! If this idea warmed you up, now “how to become a dog sitter?” Let’s explore together.

What is a Dog Sitter, What Does It Do?


When dog owners are unable to take care of their friends for a short time for some reason, they entrust them to the hosts, the dog sitters. In the absence of their owners, the hosts play with their animal friends, take care of them and meet some of their needs depending on the situation. Dogs need to move more to release their energy than other pets. Therefore, you should go for long walks. These walks are also made by the hosts in the absence of their owners.

PetSurferis a great platform built just for this job! With this platform created for dog owners to deliver their pets to reliable and experienced dog sitters, you can easily become a dog sitter! You can become a host on PetSurfer with a short and easy membership, and you can easily find the most suitable option for you by evaluating dog sitting offers. The siting process on the platform takes place in two different places as requested by the dog owner or host: at the owner’s home or at the host’s home. We’ve detailed them a little more for you below.

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Dog Sitting at the Owner’s Home


Pet owners can find someone to take care of their pet friendly dog, namely a host, by getting support from PetSurfer in cases where they cannot take care of their dog friend at home temporarily. In some cases, dog owners may think that disrupting the established and settled order of their canine friends is not suitable for them. In such cases, the hosts can go to the owners’ homes and temporarily accompany them in their own habitat. “Surfer home care”, which is among the PetSurfer services, refers to this process.

If this is a great idea for you too new caregiver requests by examining “home visitCheck out the ones tagged “”!

Dog Sitting at Host House

Host corresponds to pet sitter in PetSurfer. Via PetSurfer homepage “registerBy pressing the ” button, you can quickly become a member and join the hosts. Thus, pet owners; can entrust your canine friends to you to take care of your home in case of going out of the city or at a certain time of the day. In this way, a friend who is a source of joy, albeit temporarily, and with whom you can spend a good time, even if it is for a short time, will come to your home. In addition to having a good time with your canine friends, which you will enjoy hosting as a guest in your home, you can also earn income.

What Should I Do To Leave My Dog With The Dog Sitter?


People in the hectic pace of daily life find a dog sitter for them when they cannot take care of their best friend, their canine friend. Usually, leaving their best friend to someone else is a situation that dog owners are afraid of. The reason for this is the knowledge of these people about dog care and the thought that they cannot take care of their canine friends as well as they do.

PetSurfer offers the opportunity to work with people who are experienced in the field and have knowledge about dog care, with the services it provides for these people and their best friends dogs. Thanks to these services, our canine friends are happy with their caretakers, while their owners entrust them to the dog sitters with peace of mind.

If you want to find a sitter for your best friend, your dog, all you have to do is on the PetSurfer homepage filling out the form. In this form, you can choose the service you want to receive, and specify the place and time. After you fill out the form, you can choose one of the dog sitter options, and your dog will be in safe hands for a while.

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