Rescued Tiny Kitten Grows Up Believing She a Big Dog | Day 1 to 100

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Day 1 – The Rescue:
On a rainy day, I found a tiny, drenched kitten shivering under a tree. She was so small and fragile, with the saddest eyes. Without hesitation, I scooped her up and brought her home. My intention was to provide her a safe, warm space to recover.

Day 7 – Settling In:
After a week, the kitten had settled into her new home. She had been examined by the vet and was deemed healthy. I named her Bella. Although she was a cat, Bella seemed to have a unique spirit. She followed me around the house, just like a loyal dog.

Day 30 – Bonding Begins:
As Bella grew, our bond deepened. She wasn’t interested in typical cat activities like climbing or hunting; instead, she loved to play fetch with small toys. It was as though she believed she was a dog in a cat’s body.

Day 60 – First Walks:
I decided to try something unconventional. I put a small harness on Bella and took her for a walk in the garden. To my surprise, she adapted to the leash quickly and seemed to enjoy exploring the outdoors, much like a dog would.

Day 90 – Adopting Dog Mannerisms:
Bella continued to exhibit dog-like behaviors. She would wag her tail when excited, greet visitors at the door, and even bark, though her “bark” was more of a chirping sound. It was clear that she had wholeheartedly embraced her identity as a dog.

Day 100 – Part of the Pack:
By the 100th day, Bella had fully integrated herself into the household. She even seemed to have befriended our two dogs. They played together, slept together, and ate together. Bella’s unique upbringing had created a bond that transcended her feline nature.

Bella’s journey from a tiny, wet kitten to a member of the pack was a testament to the power of love and acceptance. While she may have grown up believing she was a big dog, she had certainly found her place in our hearts and home, proving that sometimes, family comes in the most unexpected forms.

Day 1 – The Rescue:
On a stormy night, I found a tiny, soaking-wet kitten abandoned near my doorstep. She was shivering and vulnerable, and I couldn’t bear to leave her out in the rain. I brought her inside, wrapped her in a warm blanket, and named her “Misty.”

Day 7 – Settling In:
Misty began to adapt to her new home. She eagerly devoured kitten formula and started exploring her surroundings. It was clear she was a fighter, full of energy, and determined to thrive.

Day 30 – A Surprising Bond:
Misty’s interactions with my two large dogs were nothing short of extraordinary. She didn’t cower in fear; instead, she seemed to believe she was just as big and mighty as her canine companions. She would confidently snuggle up with them, even attempting to play with their tails.

Day 60 – Adopting Dog Traits:
Misty’s dog-like behaviors became more apparent. She would wag her tiny tail when excited and, surprisingly, she even began to bark – or at least her best attempt at it. Misty’s bond with the dogs continued to strengthen.

Day 90 – Playtime and Shenanigans:
Misty’s antics were a constant source of amusement. She would chase after tennis balls, try to mimic the dogs’ high jumps, and had a fondness for chewing on their oversized dog toys. She was undeniably a kitten who thought she was a big dog.

Day 100 – A Beloved Member of the Pack:
By the 100th day, Misty had become an integral part of our household, seamlessly integrated into our pack of dogs. She played, napped, and ate alongside them, defying the conventional norms of feline behavior. In her eyes, she was simply one of the gang.

Misty’s journey was a testament to the transformative power of love and her indomitable spirit. She grew up believing she was a big dog, and in doing so, she had woven herself into our hearts and became an inseparable part of our diverse, furry family.

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