10 Examples of Dogs That Get Along Best With Children

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Dogs, one of the closest friends of man, have been with us since we opened our eyes to life. Even if he is not in our house, we definitely have a dog friend that we love or feed on the street or around us. In this respect, our canine friends play a great role in the development of children and in gaining the concept of friendship. Adopting a canine friend for your child’s development is the best thing you can do to instill and multiply his love for animals. Let’s not forget that people who do not love animals cannot love! At this point, you need to carefully choose the type of child-friendly dog ​​that you want to take into your home and befriend your child, and make sure that you are at a level to take care of him. In general, although most dog breeds get along well with children, some breeds are created to be a companion for your child.

We’ve compiled the best dog breeds for you and wanted to help your child find a new friend. Come all together kid friendly dogs let’s get to know!

1. Golden Retriever

Highly confident, intelligent and possibly the friendliest breed of dog in the world, the Golden Retriever is also an incredibly patient dog. The Golden Retriever, which has very good relations with every living thing in its environment, is definitely the first among the dog breeds that get along well with children. The Golden Retriever, who loves to play with its extremely energetic nature as well as its very affectionate and gentle nature, can be a great playmate for children.

The Golden Retriever, with its magnificent fur, almost like a golden cloak, is an excellent house dog and will definitely be a source of joy in the house it is in. The Golden Retriever, who can spend hours playing with children, is definitely the type of dog that will teach them the love of animals.

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2. Pug

Pugs, which look like a visual show with their big eyes, small body and tiny legs, are great house and playmates with their cute and friendly demeanor. Pugs, who have good relations with other animals as well as humans, are a very active dog friend with their high energy.

Our Pug friends, who make great friends with children, can play with them all day. This lively and lively, as well as cute little friend, whose energy has no limits, shows that he is one of the very patient child-friendly dogs as well as a great housemate. Despite his small legs and tiny body, this little friend is very active and has a very quiet and calm nature. However, our Pug friends, who increase the dose of fun when they receive attention, can take on more than one mood during the day. Pugs, which are a very frequent barking breed, love to attract attention and to be petted. For these reasons, our Pug friends, who are great friends for us, can also establish great relationships with our children and have a pleasant time with them.

3. Poodle

One of the most preferred dog breeds to look after at home The Fino type, who is one of the people, draws all eyes on him with his small body and wonderful feathers. These lovely friends, who are very active and friendly, are great in human relations.

Our Fino friends, who are attracted by everyone due to their cute nature, also attract the attention of children with their warm and energetic demeanor, and they can be very good friends for them. Fino, who is always on the move, cannot be described as calm and well-behaved. He has a structure that wants to establish good relations with everyone he sees and wants to endear himself to them. It can be said that it has been very successful in this. Fino, a wonderful house dog, needs very detailed care. Although it is preferred to be one of the dogs that get along best with children, you should make sure that you can spare time for a Poodle and meet his needs before adopting.

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4. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever, one of the most preferred child-friendly dogs by families, has a very intelligent and energetic structure. The Labrador Retriever, who loves to play and forms a great bond with his owner, is a great companion. Having a great relationship with children, the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds with its love for almost every living thing and its willingness to play. They especially love to play and spend time with children.

The Labrador Retriever, who likes to be with people more than with their own breed, also has a very good relationship with other animals. Labrador Retriever, who loves to move and exercise, will gamify the exercises by himself without the need for you to gamify. In this way, spending time with him will become extremely enjoyable. The Labrador Retriever gets along well with children, making a great companion for both you and your child.

5. Irish Setter

Having an extremely friendly and energetic nature, the Irish Setter is an extremely special creature due to its freedom-loving nature. It is very important to start your education at a young age. Although the training is difficult, you can train it easily by showing love to it.

The Irish Setter, which is highly intelligent, has an extremely gentle nature. When love is shown, it will surely return love. The Irish Setter, who loves to play because of its energetic nature, is one of the dog breeds that gets along well with children. The secret of this good relationship is that our little friends love to play just like children. The Irish Setter, who needs to exercise frequently due to his high energy, will be much more willing in gamified exercises. A great friend for children, the Irish Setter is indispensable for families as it has a very attached nature. The Irish Setter, which is very easy to care for, can have a healthy appearance by just brushing and washing as it has long hair and our cute friend can be very comfortable.

6. Vizsla

Vizsla, which is a highly preferred breed with its muscular body and superior olfactory ability, has a very cute structure in appearance. Due to their very affectionate nature, they have a very good relationship with children.

Always eager to learn, the Vizsla is a great house dog with its elegant structure that can be easily trained. While this cute and smart little friend is extremely affectionate towards his acquaintances, he may react by barking at people he does not know. Although it is not recommended for those who live in apartments, it is an indispensable friend for those who have a house with a garden. Our Vizsla dog friends, one of the most child-friendly dogs, can be a good playmate for them as they love to play.

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7. Newfoundland

Newfoundland dogs are very affectionate towards people, animals and children. This species, which is very friendly, is almost giant in size compared to other breeds. Although he has a rough, tough and scary appearance due to his size, he has a very gentle, naive and affectionate character structure.

Our Newfoundland friends, who are very attached to their owners, also have very good acting skills. With this ability, he is not superior in making himself loved. From this example alone, we can get an idea of ​​how smart he is. Due to its large structure, it is inevitable for them to scatter while eating or drinking water. Our Newfoundland friends, who also have an energy directly proportional to their size, need to exercise frequently and at an intense pace in order to expend this energy. This lovely friend, who is a very good house dog, can get along very well with children, and while playing with them, they both do their own exercises and give your children a love of animals.

8. Bulldog

The Bulldog, which was used as a hunting dog with its belligerent nature, has evolved into a house dog today. Attracting attention with its very calm and cute nature, the Bulldog is very attached to its owner and loves to play with it.

The Bulldog, which usually exhibits lazy attitudes in daily life, is a very quiet and calm dog type. These cute little friends, who have very good relations with people, also have a great relationship with children. The Bulldog, who likes to play and receive attention, is a great playmate. This very intelligent dog breed can get along well with other animals as well as people. The Bulldog type, which is one of the things that he likes to be loved and interested the most, can play games with the children without tiring them too much due to its calm nature. Thanks to these games, children will learn both friendship and love of animals.

9. Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier, which is quite different in appearance from other breeds with its distinctive head structure and straight triangular ears, is a great housemate. The reasons why it is one of the best dog breeds with children is that it is very energetic with the effect of its strong physique and uses this energy while playing.

Our Bull Terrier friends, which are seen as aggressive as the general public opinion, are actually extremely affectionate and warm-blooded creatures. These lovely friends, who have a very good relationship with people, also get along very well with children and can show their love to them with various games as well as making themselves loved. Due to his energetic nature, he can do things that can be defined as mischief in the house, but in order to relieve him of his energy, this mischief can be minimized with long walks or games aimed at tiring him. Various games played with children can both help teach children love for animals and play an important role in attracting attention and expending energy for your animal friend.

10. Beagle

The Beagle is a great playmate with its small body structure and energetic demeanor. This cute dog breed, which gets along well with children due to its playful nature, brings a lot of joy to the homes of animal lovers. The fact that his cute appearance adds an affectionate image to him causes people to show interest in him. For this reason, the Beagle species, which attracts a lot of attention, loves people and wants to be more interested in itself by playing games with them.

In addition to being fun, he also has a very curious nature. The Beagle, who loves to explore the environment, while exploring the environment with your children, in a sense protects and watches over them. This cute little friend, who is very attached to his owner, is a type of dog that we can describe as very smart and well-behaved as well as his cute appearance. In addition to being a child-friendly dog ​​breed, the Beagle is very good with other animals, and is one of the dog breeds that gets along well with children with its character structure that is close to perfect in all respects and its terrific cuteness.

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