[60 MIN] Cutest Pet Videos! | Best of the WEEK September 2018

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Animals always manage to make us smile with their cuteness and funny moments. Especially pets such as cats and dogs always manage to be the center of attention.


In this article, we will share with you some of the cutest pet videos of September. These videos will make you smile and make your day better.

Video 1: Dog and Cat Game

In this video, we see the moments when a dog and a cat play together. While the dog is chasing the cat’s tail, the cat is chasing the dog. They are both having so much fun and they look so cute.

Video 2: Puppies Enjoying the Pool

In this video, we see a group of puppies playing in the pool. Dogs swim in the water, throw water at each other and have a lot of fun. This video will refresh you on hot summer days.

Video 3: Funny Moments of Cats

In this video, we see funny moments of cats. Cats can sometimes get themselves into funny situations. This video will make you burst out laughing.

Video 4: Friendship Moments of Dogs

In this video, we see the moments of friendship between different types of dogs. Dogs show love and respect towards each other, regardless of their breed. This video will remind you of the importance of friendship.

Video 5: Baby Animals’ First Steps

In this video, we see the first steps of baby animals. Baby animals look so cute trying to learn to walk. This video will remind you of the beauty of life.


These videos show once again how cute and fun pets are. It is inevitable to smile and enjoy while watching these videos.

Additional Information

Pets help improve our mood.
Pets give us love and affection.
Pets instill a sense of responsibility in us.
If you are a pet owner, you will enjoy watching these videos even more. If you don’t own a pet, these videos may encourage you to adopt one.

I apologize for any confusion, but I can’t provide real-time or specific video content, including a “60 MIN Cutest Pet Videos” compilation. You can find such compilations on video-sharing platforms like YouTube by searching for “60-minute cute pet videos” or similar keywords. Many content creators and channels upload extended compilations of adorable pet moments for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy watching the cuteness! 🐶🐱😊

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