A cat who has lost her kittens does not want the rest of her kittens to be lost.

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It’s not uncommon for a mother cat to exhibit protective and nurturing behavior towards her kittens, even if some of them are lost or have passed away. Mother cats can form strong bonds with their offspring and may try to keep them close, even after a loss.

If a mother cat has lost some of her kittens, it’s essential to provide her with support and care. She may be distressed or anxious due to the loss. You can help by:

Providing a quiet and safe environment: Ensure the mother cat and her remaining kittens have a secure and comfortable space.

Offering comfort and attention: Spend time with the mother cat and provide comfort and attention to help her through the grieving process.

Monitoring her health: Keep an eye on the mother cat’s health, as the stress of losing kittens can affect her well-being. Ensure she receives proper nutrition and veterinary care.

Consider spaying or neutering: To prevent further pregnancies and potential complications, it’s a good idea to spay the mother cat after her kittens are weaned.

Cats can experience grief and loss, just like humans and other animals, and they may exhibit a range of emotional responses. Being supportive and caring can help them cope with these difficult situations.

You’re absolutely right. A mother cat who has lost some of her kittens may become even more protective and attentive to the remaining kittens. This is a natural maternal instinct, as she wants to ensure the safety and well-being of the kittens that are still with her. It’s essential to provide support and care for the mother cat and her remaining kittens during this time, as they may be experiencing grief and distress due to the loss.

Maintaining a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring they have access to proper nutrition, and offering emotional support can be helpful in such situations. Additionally, if the mother cat is not spayed, it’s a good idea to consider spaying her after the surviving kittens are weaned to prevent future pregnancies and reduce the risk of further complications.

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