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When deciding to keep a pet, the first thing that comes to mind is options such as cats, dogs, birds, and fish. For our rodent friends, it can be a little hesitant. The reason for this is related to not knowing enough about them. Hamsters, one of the most ideal pets to be fed from the rodent group, are very cute and meticulous. We have compiled this article to give you information about these little friends that you may want to start feeding immediately when you learn about their behavior and characters.

Hamster Care Tips

These sympathetic friends, who are meticulous, pay great attention to their toilet cleaning. Because they try to keep their living areas clean all the time, it is necessary to clean the cages frequently. For this, you can compress wood chips, which you can obtain cheaply from the workshops, on the bottom of the cage.

Wire cages should be preferred instead of wooden cages due to gnawing and absorption of urine. They love running wheels as they are active creatures. Despite the risk of permanent paralysis, this is one of the accessories that should be kept in terms of their health. You can adjust the speed according to the frequency and looseness of the wheels. If it’s too fast, their tiny bodies may not be able to withstand this pace. If the wheel makes a noise, don’t lubricate it, or it won’t stop! They already know how far they have run by the sound of the wheel.

What Do Hamsters Eat?

Hamsters are very fastidious, mobile and easy to care for. It is ideal for hamsters, whose life span is about 3 years, to weigh 50-60 g throughout their life. It is necessary to feed them properly during this short life span. It is actually very easy to feed our vegetarian friends. They love snacks such as hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, cashews, wheat. They need to be fed such hard foods in order to file their teeth. In addition, you can give them supplements such as cabbage, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, boiled eggs, bananas several times a week to get nutrients and vitamins. It is important that hamsters eat foods that their small bodies can digest and eat in moderation. They get the water they need when they eat vegetables or fruits, but they also need a small amount of water when they consume snacks. In case of falling into it, water should be given in hamster drinkers instead of containers, and the water should be kept fresh all the time. Very juicy fruits such as watermelon, orange, melon, tangerine and raw meat are harmful to them. Such foods and spicy foods should be kept away from them.

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Characters and Behaviors of Hamsters

Hamsters love to explore, they are curious, active and meticulous. Since they are fond of their privacy, an area where they can feel safe or hide should be created in their cages. Various cage accessories can be used to relieve these motives. Because of their possessive nature, they will likely bite if you stick your finger in their cage. Give them a few days to get used to you and their new environment.

Several hamsters can be fed at the same time, but they generally prefer to be alone. They recognize their surroundings and things that belong to them by their smell. For this reason, it is necessary not to touch the puppies. Otherwise, they will not be able to recognize their offspring and may harm them. Care should be taken not to remove them from their cages, or you may not find them again.

In general, our cute friends who sleep during the day and get active at night do not like direct sunlight. Especially since they do not like to be awakened from their deep sleep, they can behave aggressively if they are awakened. As with many of our animal friends, you can tell that they are angry by tilting their ears back. Keep them close to your computer fan, as they like warm airflow, and they’ll be delighted.

How to Tell if a Hamster Is Healthy?

Of course, it needs to be checked by a veterinarian, but you can judge whether it is healthy from its appearance. You can understand that she does not need breast milk from her weight. 50-60 gr. are considered adults. If their fur is soft and shiny, and their eyes are bright, lively and perfectly round, they can be considered healthy at first glance.

Symptoms of the disease include discharge from the nose, wetness around the tail and anus, and the presence of burrs, discharge, swelling or redness in the eye. Biting habits of hamsters are difficult and dangerous habits to correct. So it may be better for him and you to feed the calm ones. Just like humans, they can often become aggressive if they are not happy and feeling insecure.

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