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If you are interested in the animal world, you must have heard of the Chinese Lion. This mysterious and magnificent creature lives in the exotic corners of Asia. With its interesting and different appearance, this species, which has recently attracted attention in Turkey as well as in the world, is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. In this article, we tried to get to know our exotic friend, also known as Chow-Chow. Let’s take a look at the characteristics, characters, physical structures, care and nutrition of the Chinese Lion together.

Chinese Lion Characteristics


The character of the Chinese Lion is quite interesting and can vary. However, it is still possible to state certain points as a standard. We can list them as follows:

  • Brave: Chow Chows are brave and fearless animals by nature. They show their courage in defending against potential threats. With these features, they do their best to protect their homes and owners.
  • Loyal: They tend to form a strong bond with their owners. They are known as a loyal dog breed. They want to feel the love and attention of their owners. This loyalty helps them build a long-lasting friendship and camaraderie relationship.
  • Protector: They have an instinctively protective nature. They feel tasked to defend their owners and families against danger. These protective properties create a sense of security in their home and provide added security to their families.
  • Intelligent: Chowchevs are also noted for their intelligence. They learn quickly and easily respond to commands. These features make things easier during the training process. It makes them a more adaptable dog.
  • Actor: The Chinese Lion has an energetic and playful nature. He loves fun and playtime. Games allow Chow Chows to release their energy and elevate their mood. They enjoy playing with their owners.

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Physical Structures

The Chinese Lion is a large and noble dog with an impressive appearance. Its most important feature, its physical appearance, allows it to be recognized immediately in its environment. We can examine the physical characteristics of these beautiful creatures with their unique stances with the following items:

  • big head: The head of the Chinese Lion is large and has a characteristic appearance. Its head, which usually has rounded lines, is combined with powerful jaws. He uses these jaws to chew toys, break bones and, if necessary, defend himself.
  • double feathered tail: The Chowder’s tail is covered with a two-layered coat of feathers. These feathers add volume and a stately appearance to the tail. Its tail is long and often curved in shape. This magnificent display of the tail emphasizes its grace and beauty.
  • size difference: Male Chow Chows generally have a larger and more imposing appearance compared to females. This size difference allows men to display a stronger and more impressive stance.
  • Soft golden fur: The fur of the Chinese Lion is usually golden in color. This rich and bright color is considered a symbol of happiness, wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. Their fur has a natural sheen that makes their coats look healthy and shiny. Its feathers are extremely soft, which is very pleasant to the touch. It has the ideal texture to be loved and caressed by people. This feature strengthens their bond with their owners.

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Chinese Lion Care

Even though they have a low grooming requirement, regular grooming is important. Weekly brushing to prevent tangles helps keep their fur healthy and shiny. In addition, routine care such as nail cutting, teeth cleaning and ear control should not be neglected. Here are some important points to consider for the care of this imposing breed:

Feather care: The fur of the Chinese Lion should be combed regularly. Weekly combing prevents tangles and keeps the fur healthy and shiny.

nail care: Chowchev’s nails should be trimmed regularly. Long nails can restrict the dog’s movements and cause discomfort. For those who are not experienced with nail clipping, it is important to seek veterinary assistance. Professionally trimmed nails keep your dog comfortable.

teeth cleaning: Teeth should be checked and cleaned regularly. Plaque and tartar accumulated on the teeth can lead to gum disease and other health problems. Following the dental cleaning methods recommended by your veterinarian will help maintain your dog’s oral health.

ear check: Their ears should be checked regularly. If there are problems such as redness, irritation or odor inside the ear, you should consult your veterinarian. For ear cleaning, you should use the products recommended by your veterinarian and clean the ears gently.

Exercise and social interaction: Chinese Lions have an energetic and playful nature. Regular exercise is important for maintaining their physical health. Daily walks, jogging games or free time in the garden provide opportunities to energize. Also, social interaction is important. Because they love to spend time with their families and interact with their loved ones. Spending time with them strengthens their bond with you and helps them live a happy life.

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Chinese Lion Nutrition

The Chinese Lion needs a balanced diet to grow healthily and maintain its energy. It is important to create a suitable nutrition program for them. These creatures are carnivores. Therefore, a diet rich in protein should be followed. In this regard, different nutritional options such as special dog food, homemade meals or natural feeding methods can be preferred.

Dry dog ​​food plays an important role in meeting the basic nutritional needs of the Chinese Lion. Choosing a high-quality dry food is important because it contains healthy protein sources and natural ingredients. However, remember that every dog ​​is individual and some may have special dietary needs. Therefore, you should consider your veterinarian’s recommendations.

Natural foods are also important in the nutrition of Chow Chows. Homemade meals enriched with fresh meat, vegetables and fruits can be a nutrient-rich option. Also, in addition to their diet, having fresh water available at all times is important for their health.

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