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All cats and dogs are of course very beautiful and special, but many animal lovers have their favorite breeds of cats and dogs. Some like long-haired cats, while others are tabby; While some love long-eared dogs, for others large breeds are indispensable. Among these countless species are the Scottish Fold; It is one of the most researched cat breeds, which has managed to attract the attention of almost everyone. If you are a fan of this cat breed, this content is for you! You can find everything you need to know about the Scottish Fold in this article.

Scottish Fold Cat Breed History

We can say that Scottish Fold, which has a very characteristic appearance, has a more recent history compared to other cat breeds. First discovered by Scottish farmer William Ross in 1961, this breed has a history of just over a quarter of a century.

The story of its discovery is as cute as itself. On his neighbor’s farm, William Ross sees an interesting cat named Suzie with curled ears. The moment he saw Suzie, he realized that she was different from other cats and went on a quest to find her parents. After a long search, William Ross finds Suzie’s mother but is disappointed. Because his mother’s ears are normal. He cannot find his father. With William’s hopes dashed, Suzie gives birth to two kittens exactly a year later with identical characteristics. William immediately adopts one of them. He then breeds this special cat breed by mating with purebreds in order to reach more people. Thus begins the Scottish Fold’s journey to become one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, which has survived to the present day.

Scottish Fold Features

Scottish Fold cat breed is generally smart, well-behaved, calm, docile and friendly. The feather structure consists of dense and short hairs. The most important feature that distinguishes it from other cat breeds is its inward curved ear structure. This situation actually emerged as a result of a genetic mutation. Body structure is of medium size; too big or too small a cat is not considered. The tail is short and slender. Its average weight is between 4-6 kg.

They are quite calm, intelligent and have a character suitable for the home. They are preferred more often by families with children, as they can get along very well with children. The gamer is one of a kind and will never turn down your urge to play. They just choose the people they play with.

This unusual breed; It is an easily trainable, intelligent and adaptable species. Unlike other cat breeds, they are not territorial and aggressive towards strangers. Since he is not a very energetic cat type, playing with him for a while will help him sleep through the night.

Caring for the Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Scottish Fold cats are easy to care for compared to other cat breeds. Since there is no special stomach ailments or physical problems, it is possible to feed with standard foods without the need for special diet programs. The feather structure is dense and short; therefore, they do not show much skin sensitivity. However, it will be beneficial to use special food, diet or drops during certain periods of the year, especially in the spring, when the hair changes.

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Scottish Fold Cat Mating

Cats of this breed cannot be bred with a cat of their own kind, because the offspring that will be born as a result of mating cats with two curly-ear genes is very likely to have genetic disorders and diseases. Today, breeding such cats with the same breed of curled-eared cats is prohibited by law in some countries.

For this reason, Scottish Fold cats are mated with the British Shorthair cat breed, which is very similar to them but has straight ears. Half of the offspring to be born will have straight ears, while the other half will have curved ears.

Scottish Fold Diet

As for each cat breed, there are different diets for Scottish Fold kittens and adults. Foods for puppies in developmental age should be richer in nutritional values ​​and have ingredients that support the growth of the puppies. Adult Scottish Folds can be fed with cat food specially produced for this breed. Thus, it becomes possible for the breed to consume vitamins, minerals and similar nutrients that it needs, unlike other cat breeds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scottish Fold

Are Scottish Fold Cats Deaf?

In general, there is a common belief that Scottish Fold cats are deaf. However, there is no deafness specific to this breed. You may find that some white Scottish Folds are deaf or hard of hearing, which is quite natural. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a condition that comes from its breed or genetic code, but is a common condition seen in all white-haired cats. In other words, deafness is not caused by race, but by the fact that cats have white fur.

How Long Does the Scottish Fold Live?

It has been determined that Scottish Fold cats live for 12-17 years, provided that they grow and develop in healthy conditions. These cats are more prone to certain diseases due to the genetic mutation in their ears. Therefore, their lifespan may decrease depending on the conditions.

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Is Scottish Fold Washable?

Scottish Fold, which does not like water and washing, can clean themselves like all other cats. Therefore, they do not need to be washed. However, if it is necessary to wash in some extreme soiling situations, it can be washed with warm water and without the use of any chemicals. What matters is the next step. Since cats are sensitive creatures that are sensitive to wetness and are prone to getting sick, it is very important to dry their fur quickly.

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