British Shorthair Cat Breed and Characteristics

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British Shorthair; It is a British cat that became famous in the 19th century by participating in a cat contest thanks to Harrison Weir. This cat breed, which has noble and special qualities, stands out with its handsomeness and intelligence. The British cat breed, which received degrees and awards in many organizations, continued to be one of the most popular cat breeds until the 20th century.

The British Shorthair, which makes a very good friend with its perfect harmony to the home and the environment, can be a source of joy in your home with its playful nature, calm demeanor and cute laziness. The British Shorthair, which is a great house cat due to its good character, does not care if you can’t spare time for it due to the busyness of daily life, and does not easily get depressed in situations such as not going out or not getting attention. Therefore, it can be the perfect roommate for those who have a busy life and are bored with loneliness when they return home. Let’s get to know this cute cat more closely together.

British Shorthair Characteristics

An excellent house cat, the British Shorthair is very docile. In addition to this docility, high-quality intelligence and a love of playing can create extremely high quality time for both you and your cat. It may seem a little basic at first glance, but when it comes to playing games, it is unrecognizable. But the love of play should not be confused with other cat breeds, because unlike other breeds, this cat plays with its owner, not with the environment or things.

The British cat breed, which is extremely dignified with its robust and mature character, is especially preferred by those who live a quiet life and families. Even if you can’t spare time for him in your busy schedule, it still won’t create a big problem for him. Because when he is alone at home, he is still calm and well-behaved.

The British Shorthair, which has a round and strong bone structure, is a muscular cat compared to other cats. The average lifespan is 20 years. The British Shorthair, which has a very durable body, is not very long, but has a medium length. In addition to the wide and round head structure, the area behind the ears is flat. Their ears, which are not considered very large, are quite wide and have a rounded structure. Their eyes are quite large, usually copper or amber, with rarely seen green and blue eyes. The average weight in male cats is between 5 and 10 kg, while in females the weight is between 3.5 and 6.5 kg.

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Puppy British Shorthair Period

The female British Shorthair is extremely affectionate, affectionate and attentive to her kittens. This breed, who loves to play with her cubs, is the perfect mother. When puppies are born, they come into the world chubby and cute.

Extremely open to training, puppies become attached to their owners and feel a deep attachment to them after leaving their mothers. The maturation period of the breed, which takes a long time compared to other species, may take up to 5 years for its body to mature and fully settle. These cats, which have a long life expectancy compared to other species, live an average of 20 years. Your cat, who was friendly with you as a kitten, can be your best friend for 20 years.

British Shorthair Grooming

The British cat breed has short, single-layered fur. For this reason, you can minimize or even prevent shedding by combing their hair once or twice a week. Their dense and short hair feels like velvet when touched. As the advantage of their dense and short hair, their feathers are not knotted.

If you exercise your animal friend by playing games at a certain level, you will ensure that he maintains his form. If these games are interactive games that your pet will also participate in, it will be extremely beneficial for his development. It is extremely easy to care for, as it is a wonderful and calm companion. The breed, which is likely to sleep in the house all day and wander around in a sluggish manner, is one of the easiest to care for. It is enough to give their food regularly and always have water in a corner of your house.

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British Shorthair Adoption

British Shorthair; Unfortunately, they are sold for exorbitant prices instead of owning them because they are popular with their noble stance, handsome appearance and great intelligence. We petsurfer We fully support the #buywithown campaign and recommend that you adopt a British person who needs a home, attention and friendship instead of buying. Be sure, your little friend will both meet your love need and become a friend to you.

If you say “I agree with you, but I want to love and take care of British Shorthair cats” petsurfer You can take care of this type of cat temporarily and earn additional income by providing a host service over the internet.

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