Fabulous Animals Series 1: Cats

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Every living thing on earth is very special and beautiful as well as special. If we try to embody this stereotyped sentence by removing it from the stereotypes, neither words nor pages are enough.

We wanted to witness to you how wonderful the creatures, which are special in every sense, are with the magnificent animals article series. In this context, every sentence written here is a eulogy to the animals mentioned.

Cats, one of the animals that are very important to us, are in the first place of our “Magnificent Animals” series. In this article, which we hope you will enjoy while reading, we will try to provide as much information as we can about cats. Let’s start this amazing series of animals together!

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Cats It has a large family that is divided into many different species within themselves. Conditions belonging to different geographies have affected the appearance of cats. This situation was not only limited to physical features, but also affected their characteristics and behaviors.

As cats show physical changes according to the geographies they live in, they also keep the geographies they live in under their own names. For example; Like the Van cat with one eye different from the other, or the noble Persian Cats, who have all the pomp of the Persian land with their fur…

Species differed among themselves both in behavior and appearance. In some species, eye colors are different from each other, while in others, the feather structure is differentiated. And there is even such an extreme example as the Sphinx cat that it is even discussed that it belongs to this world with its rare structure.


Cats are creatures with different character structures, just like humans. However, in cases where generalizations are made, a generalization can be made about the general behaviors brought about by geography, such as people.

For example, Persian cats are extremely lazy and do not like to move. However, it can have a character that constantly moves and plays games with the behavior of its owner towards it. This is a good example of how special their characters are.

Some cat species can be magnificent house cats with their characteristic features. An example of this is the British Shorthair breed. British Shorthair type cats; It is a breed that stands out with its calm nature, superior intelligence and great acting. Because of all these features, it can easily be said that it can be a wonderful house cat.

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Cats are creatures that are constantly moving and convert their energy into endorphins. Cats that go to every part of the house during the day without getting tired can make pleasant walks and even games for themselves in the house at night, as if this were not enough.

It will be because of their magnificence that some cat breeds move less than others. There are even cat breeds that are so lazy that they don’t even get up to play. The breed of these cute feline friends is Persian cats, as you might guess.

Cats can exhibit interesting behaviors from each other. While our feline friends, who sometimes take on the air of Einstein with their intelligence, leave their mouths open, sometimes they add joy to our lives with their pranks. Let’s watch the interesting cat behaviors together in the video below.

cats are noble

Cats are noble. They have a stance against almost everything and everyone. It stands so upright that cats, human beings are just surprised. It is from him; sometimes worshiping cats as gods. Cats are among the most magnificent creatures in the world, which they grasp with their tiny paws. The reason for this is all the conditions, rather than all of the above; Despite hunger, cold and human beings, they still stand upright in the streets.

Let’s do good things together for these noble animals. Being good and creating good is the reason for the creation of human beings. So try to make theirs better just like your own life and get a cat. Remember, as beautiful as a house without cats is, it’s not a house!

PetSurfer team, we tried to give as much information as we could about our feline friends, who are the first guests of our amazing animals series. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Do not forget to share with us what you know about cats with your comments. Stay tuned for more!

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Cats are creatures that are special and beautiful in every sense. It is literally the equivalent of the word unique with its cute ways and acting roles. We all have cats in almost every house, every street, every street and every neighborhood. The reason we say cats is that a person never has a cat. A person who has one cat will have many cats.

Our feline friends are creatures that add color to our lives with their tiny paws and long whiskers. They are such special creatures that in some cultures they are called the incarnation of God on earth. In this context, it can easily be said that humans are one of the closest living creatures throughout history.

Cats, which are found almost everywhere in the world and form one of the most crowded families in the world, have gained a solid place in every geography through love. Their shapes, which differ according to geographical conditions, affect not only their physical appearance but also their characters. However, no matter what, cats never lose their magnificence.

It is not known exactly where our paths cross with these lovely creatures that have been in our lives for many years. The missions they have acquired in different geographies also make an encounter beyond even written history in question. Cats in the hieroglyphs of Egyptian civilization were seen as gods in the same culture and considered sacred.

Cats are tiny cute creatures that stand out with their unique movements and magnificent fur and bring joy and energy to the place they are in. to love them; like eating, like singing, it’s both enjoyable and not even work…

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