How are puppies used to the home?

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When we decide to adopt a dog, considering that we meet certain conditions, there are some items that we must fulfill. Getting the puppies used to the house is the more difficult part. At this point, we are talking about a creature that has just been separated from its mother and siblings. As they suddenly feel lonely, a difficult process begins for both us and them. We will be dealing with a baby for a long time. This process will vary according to the characteristics of the dogs.

First of all, the acclimation process starts with preparing the environment for your adopted dog. This includes determining and preparing a place to sleep, a place to eat, a container to eat, a container to drink water, areas where you will spend time with your dog, areas where he will meet his toilet needs.

Getting the puppy used to the house is also an action that needs to be evaluated as a problem. For example; If the pup starts to cry and react when he/she leaves you, or if he/she exhibits cowardly and withdrawn behaviors, a separate evaluation should be made accordingly.

You need to consider that until your dog is able to hold the toilet in a biological sense, he will do the toilet at home. Just as you can’t be mad at a few-month-old baby doing it under her diaper, you shouldn’t be angry at a 3-4-month-old dog pooping at home. They will need to go to the toilet at certain time intervals. If you are someone who works and cannot be at home for long hours, you need to consider this.

In order for your dog not to feel lonely when you are not at home, you should definitely check in certain hours. There is also a tip that you can apply to make your dog feel safe as if he is with you. You can wrap an item of clothing you have used and your odor is absorbed into a hot water bag and put a watch inside it to make a heartbeat sound. Thus, your dog will feel much more peaceful and safe.

Let’s also note: Since every dog ​​has a different character, what you will apply during the training phase may not create the same effect and reaction in every dog.

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