How Many Years Does a Budgie Live?

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Birds are said to be the closest species to be considered the ancestors of prehistoric dinosaurs in today’s world. So much so that these deep-rooted life adventures dating back millennia or even millions of years make us think that birds are long-lived and resistant to all conditions. But how many years do budgerigars live, which can evolve to the extent that they can enter our homes from the wild? Have you ever wondered how much time you can spend with a budgie before you buy yourself a budgie? We researched for you. Let’s explore together!

What is the Average Lifespan of a Budgerigar?

All living things are vulnerable to various factors in nature. Undoubtedly, slender budgerigars, which have rather small dimensions, live with certain sensitivities, just like other creatures. The more they are exposed to these sensitivities, the more their life span is affected. Therefore, if we talk about the average lifespan of a budgerigar, we should divide it into two as domestic and living in nature. In fact, the different conditions presented in both environments affect the life span in itself. Accordingly, we should examine those living at home and those living in the wild separately.

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How Long Do Budgies Live in Nature?

Budgerigars, which are thought to be healthier and freer because they live in nature, on the contrary, have a very difficult life. Australia, the homeland of wild species, is also home to many dangerous creatures. These sensitive creatures that live together with predators and carnivores and struggle against drought and various weather conditions almost struggle for survival in the wild. This limits the average lifespan of budgerigars to a very short time of 4 years. This caused them to start breeding when they reached an average of 1 year of age in the evolutionary process.

Budgerigars, which usually move in flocks to survive and lead a nomadic life, can have a longer lifespan if they are well fed and protected. Since they are not resistant to very cold and hot seasons, they can live up to 5-6 years old in a temperate geography and under ideal conditions. It can be said that this lifespan is quite good for such a sensitive and vulnerable species.

How Many Years Do Pet Budgies Live?

Just like those living in the wild, conditions are extremely important for budgerigars living in the home environment. These conditions cause factors that directly determine the life of your pet. It is not enough that countless dangers in nature do not exist in a closed environment; It also requires good and careful maintenance. Therefore, what is more important than environmental factors and protection of birds is how bird owners take care of themselves.

When all the necessary ideal conditions are provided, it is possible to increase the lifespan of a pet budgerigar to about 5 – 8 years. Our lovely friends who eat well and adequately, exercise regularly, and live in suitable seasonal conditions; They can even live up to 10 – 12 years. We can even witness that they live up to the age of 15 in today’s conditions, where bird care is being made better and more carefully. In fact, it has been recorded that the longest living budgerigar in history lived a healthy life until the age of 29. This is an indication that if we are well taken care of, our little friend can live with us for many years.

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How to Extend the Lifespan of a Budgie?

Long life expectancy is directly proportional to living a healthy life. This is even more important for budgerigars, which we have learned among other animals to be quite sensitive and open to environmental factors. These cute creatures, which should have a delicate care and feeding routine, can really live for many years if well cared for. We have listed below what you can do for this.

  • A balanced and adequate diet is very important. Bird food should be carefully selected by paying attention to every detail, from nutritional values ​​to which foods are used in it. In addition, it is very beneficial to increase the variety by adding vegetables and fruits to their daily meals.
  • Budgerigars shed quite often. This happens about 2 or 3 times a year. However, if you notice that your cute friend sheds a lot and some parts of his body begin to go bald, this may be a sign of another disease. For this reason, you should follow the moult process and have it checked by the veterinarian when necessary.
  • Like all living creatures, it is important for budgies to get enough exercise during the day. Although most of them like to live and stay in cages, they must be able to fly or walk at certain intervals. For this reason, you should ensure that your pet spends time and moves outside the cage for at least 3-4 hours a day.

Budgerigars, which should receive the necessary attention and care at every moment of their lives, can be left alone in situations such as their owners’ vacation or business trips. This can cause both stress and disruption to their care. This is a factor that directly affects the life span of the budgerigar. petsurfer, at such times, offers a great caregiver service so that your lovely friend is not alone and the care he needs continues uninterrupted. By examining Petsufer, which provides care for your budgerigar either in your own home or at the caregiver’s home, you can continue your work without being left behind. For details click.

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