How Should Puppy Toilet Training Be?

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We often meet dogs, who are the joy of our home and our closest friends, when they are puppies. For this reason, we establish close ties with them and make lifelong friendships. The basis of living happily with our canine friends is of course the rules. They need to be trained to apply these rules. Undoubtedly, the most important training in the pets we make housemates is toilet habit. Therefore, puppy toilet training is indispensable for a healthier and more peaceful life together.

In our animal friends, training or habit formation must be completed up to a certain age. Dogs, which are very difficult to train and acquire habits after the puppyhood period, should generally be given training during the puppyhood period. Since puppies cannot meet their toilet needs voluntarily, it is more correct to say toilet habits rather than toilet training. For this reason, the training given to them is for the purpose of gaining habits. Let’s examine together how the toilet training should be in puppies and how to give them toilet habits.

At How Many Months Does Puppy Toilet Training Start?

You should start training your dog friend as soon as he steps inside the house. The most productive learning period of dogs is the puppyhood period. After the puppyhood, you may have a hard time educating them and gaining toilet habits. The period in which our canine friends can be trained naturally is between 2 and 4 months. The cubs are licked and cleaned by their mothers from the time they are born. Later, they learn how to use the toilet by imitating their mother. Those who grow up far from their mothers, on the other hand, get into a certain order thanks to the education given by their owners. For this reason, dog owners have an important task in this regard.

Why is Home Toilet Training Important for Puppies?

It doesn’t matter if your little friend lives at home or in his kennel in the garden, all dogs should be toilet trained and habituated. Puppy toilet training is the most basic and most important training. The reason this; It is the fact that dogs without toilet habits can meet their toilet needs in unexpected places at unexpected times. This could be pretty bad for you. Puppies that take a toilet slope will not only make your job easier by meeting their toilet needs in the right places and at the right times, but also will not pollute both themselves and the environment.

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How Should the Right Toilet Area Be?

In order for your pet to feel comfortable and acquire toilet habits, it may be beneficial to design the toilet area you have determined according to the natural environment. Make sure that this area is constantly clean as you will encourage your dog to use this area constantly. If it is not cleaned, your dog may sniff this area and even step on it and carry a piece of the toilet all over the house. You can put a dog toilet for your dog in the area you have determined and make it catch the natural environment with synthetic grass.

How to Toilet Training a Puppy?

What you need to do to toilet train your puppy consists of a few steps;

  • First, establish regular feeding and watering times for your puppy. If you set this order in such a way that it will never be disrupted, your work will become much easier in the rest of the process.
  • After the feeding time you set, you should definitely take your dog out for a walk, in this way, you will ensure that they do their toilet in a more natural environment.
  • If you do not go out with your pet, take them to the area that you have designated as the toilet area and do not deal with it, or even ignore it, in this way, it will feel that it is alone and will understand that the only thing it has to do is the toilet, so it will easily meet its toilet needs.
  • After they go to the toilet, praise them by using sentences that contain compliments in a soft tone. He will understand that doing this way is good behavior and after a few repetitions he will make it a habit.
  • By creating a reward and punishment system, you can help them acquire this habit faster.
  • Be careful not to overfeed your dog, this can cause various health problems while making it easier for them to urinate.
  • Your dog has a variety of behaviors that indicate he needs a toilet. Frequently, dogs in need of a toilet disappear, trying to be alone. When you notice these behaviors, you should immediately take them to the designated toilet area.
  • If you see him going to the toilet outside the area you have designated, warn them loudly, but not excessively, to let them know that what he is doing is wrong. In this way, your dog will understand that you are wrong about the place where he goes to the toilet. Take it to your designated spot immediately, or it may be too late.

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How Can You Manage Toilet Training While You Are Not At Home?

You can continue puppy toilet training even when you are not at home. If you limit your dog to only visit certain areas of the house, you will also limit the areas where he can go to the toilet outside the designated area. If your pet stays alone at home for a long time, you should limit your pet to rooms that contain only the toilet area and the feeding area. Your puppies, who go to the designated area and increase with the restricted roaming area, take a step towards gaining a habit even when you are not with them.

In this content, we offer you toilet training in puppies. We tried to give as much information as we could about it. I hope it was useful. For more PetSurferStay tuned!

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