How to Make a Wonderful Aquarium in 5 Steps!

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Aquariums are wonderful places that both add aesthetic beauty to your home and adorn your living space with the magnificent energy it receives from the fish in it. Inhabited fish, on the other hand, are quiet and self-contained, making them excellent pet choices for people seeking peace. Acquiring an aquarium will not only make an aesthetic contribution to your home, but also bring you inner peace. On the one hand, these habitats of fish are areas where fish owners can freely design and decorate according to their own tastes. Today, aquarium construction has become so popular that beauty contests are organized in many countries and programs about aquarium designs are broadcast on television channels.

So, what should we do to create a magnificent habitat for our fish? Is it all about fish or are accessories important too? Let’s find answers to these questions together!

Best Aquarium Design Tips

1. Be Creative

It is necessary to be creative in order to create the “bests”. You have to do what is unique and reveal your own style. For this, you must reveal what you know and want in the best way you can.

There are aquariums on the Internet and television shows that are extremely different and do not even fit in the creativity scale. This unusualness brings with it attention. You can explore different aquarium designs to create a great alternative. Before embarking on a business, it is extremely important to have an idea about it. The first thing you should do before creating the design you want is to research until you say “that’s it” before you come up with an idea. Many different aquarium constructions appear on various platforms. Sometimes these designs are the size of a huge living room, and sometimes they are created by the evolution of a car.

2. Beware of Fish


Of course, the owners of these areas will be the ones who should be considered when creating wonderful habitats for fish. Aquarium fish have different characteristics according to their species. In aquarium construction, you should pay attention to both issues when choosing these creatures, which have various character structures and appearances. In the aquarium you will create with fish of different colors, the relationship of the fish with each other is extremely important, rather than color harmony. While some fish with a vicious character cannot get along with fish of their own kind, some fish cannot get along with other species. For this reason, the character structures of the creatures to be selected should be investigated before the harmony that color harmony will bring. For example, Beta fish is a fish species with an extremely pleasant appearance. Although it has a pleasant appearance, this creature, which has a belligerent nature, cannot even get along with its own kind.

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3. Color Matching Is Important

Color harmony should be among the issues to be considered when creating a great aquarium. These small habitats are one of the most beautiful accessories that will suit a home. Both its aesthetic appearance and the harmony of the fish in it will add a different atmosphere to your home. For this reason, aquarium owners shape these areas with fish of different colors and accessories of various colors. However, this may not always be pleasant. The reason for this is that the fish, which have an eye-catching and magnificent appearance, are put into the background due to the color of various ornaments. In order to ensure that fish are in the lead role, it is extremely important to keep the background simple in aquarium designs and to design it in accordance with the fish.

4. Never Without Accessories


It is necessary to scrutinize when determining the accessories used for a magnificent aquarium. Accessories that must meet both health and aesthetic criteria are extremely important. Among the factors that should be considered when choosing accessories for aquarium construction, besides being healthy and aesthetic, there is also compatibility. Accessories for these areas, which are shaped according to the sizes and structures of the fish, are also shaped in the same way. Sometimes it can be decorated with only sand and stones and look very nice, while sometimes it may not look beautiful enough even though they are decorated with ships, seashells and rocks. For this reason, it is not important what the accessory is, but the harmony it provides with the fish.

5. Regular Cleaning Is A Must

For an aquarium, the only thing that comes before beauty and variety is cleanliness. An unclean aquarium moves away from its main purpose of visuality and becomes dangerous for the living things it contains. For this reason, it should be cleaned in a certain order. When cleaning the aquarium, the first thing you should do is unplug the aeration filter, then you can move the fish in it to another place. You can use a ladle for this process. It is extremely important to add some water from the aquarium to where you will transport your fish, otherwise your fish may be shocked.

The first job will be to clean the windows of the area where you drain the water. The windows may be covered with moss; You can use an algae scraper to get rid of these algae. After getting rid of the algae, you can clean the windows with the help of a sponge that has not been used before. You can then clean the air motor, heater and lighting using special brushes. It will be very hygienic to remove the ornaments one by one and wash them.

In aquarium designs, removing and washing the accessories is extremely important in order to clean the residues that may be among them. In addition, when new and clean water is added, it is important that it does not pollute that water. You can clean the live plants and decorative stones inside by vacuum.

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