How to Prevent Hair Loss in Dogs?

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One of the biggest problems of dog owners is molting. Although it is thought to be related to the structure or breed of dogs, this is a seasonal event. Recently, this problem may decrease regardless of the seasons. It’s all about the damage man has done to nature. For example, in December, the air temperature normally varies between -2 and 10 degrees. Dogs, on the other hand, do not have a calendar like humans adapt. We can look at our calendar and perceive the passage of the seasons and adjust ourselves and our clothing accordingly. However, dogs do not have such a preparation period and they change their existing structures according to their biological calendar. Their coats become thicker in winter and thinner in summer. Blood flow rates vary accordingly. The rate of shedding in dogs also varies accordingly. However, this is part of the biological part. There are many precautions that can be taken to keep your dog’s coat healthy.

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Dog Hair Loss Prevention Tips

It is possible to reduce or prevent the problem of hair loss in dogs, which reduces the quality of life that many dog ​​owners live with them, with some important steps. We have listed the highlights for you below.

  • Nutrition: Nutrition is very important in this regard. Quality food, suitable foods and nutritional supplements will help reduce this problem. It will also make it possible for your dog to lead a healthier life.
  • Regular and complete maintenance: Not washing the dogs too often, cleaning them at certain and correct times, as well as brushing them frequently are the factors that affect the hair health of the dogs.
  • Psychology: Not stressing your dog, not staying at home for hours, being able to throw off enough energy and staying active also affect the shedding to a large extent.
  • Activity: It is very important for the dog’s physical and mental health to walk, run and be active. This is a factor that reduces stress. It provides more blood circulation in the body, requires oxygen sufficiency.

As a matter of fact, we shouldn’t complain about molting in dogs. It is entirely us who meet these conditions. If we do not provide the right nutrition, if we do not take the right care, and unfortunately, we have upset the balance of the world, we have no right to complain about the shedding of these animals. For this reason, we must learn to live with them while shedding their hair and rebuild our lives according to them.

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