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Elephants are one of the most interesting creatures in the world. They attract attention with their enormous size, long proboscis and big hearts. Elephants are important creatures that contribute to cultures. Throughout history, they have taken on roles that open and close eras. They are surprisingly cute and display a magical display while eating and drinking water. It is also noteworthy that they do not distance themselves from people and are forgiving. So what makes them so different or different from other animals? This is where the “interesting information about elephants”, which is the subject of this article, begins at this point.

Let’s get to know the creatures that are as naive and cute as a bird under their gigantic bodies.

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Are Elephants Intelligent?

Elephants are truly unique creatures. They have both a funny and serious character. In fact, they stand out among the most intelligent creatures in the world. Scientific studies reveal that elephants can recognize themselves in mirrors and have an incredible visual intelligence. This may be one of the most important details we will give within the framework of interesting information about elephants.

Not only that, elephants have incredible intuition. It’s almost as if their sixth sense is extraordinarily strong. They can sense what’s going to happen in advance. Like a kind of oracle, they can foresee the future. For example, in one study, it was observed that elephants can sense a storm 280 kilometers away and move towards areas close to water before the drought begins. Prior to the Great Asian tsunami in 2004, it was noted that they tended towards higher regions.

Because of all these features, elephants are indeed among the most intelligent animals. Even among humans, the ability to empathize is not common enough, but the naivety of elephants and their efforts to share happiness is truly inspiring.

Do Elephants Have Strong Memory?

As we just explained, elephants stand out as one of the most intelligent creatures in the world. But their visual memory is just as amazing!

Studies have shown that elephants can clearly remember memories of more than 30 years. In one experiment, three different herds were studied in a drought-stricken area in Tanzania. The elephants, who assumed the leadership of these herds, experienced the same events 30 years ago. Even 30 years later, they repeated their migration route towards water resources in exactly the same way. In addition to these examples, it is a well-known fact that elephants recognize people they see once, even after many years. This shows us that among the interesting facts about elephants, they are not only large and imposing creatures, but also have an incredible memory.

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Are Elephants Emotional?

Elephants have high empathy abilities as a reason for their intelligence to stand out. This is exactly why the phrase “happiness increases when shared” is like a philosophy of life for elephants. In experiments as proof of this, it has been observed that elephants make an effort to make other sad elephants happy.

As a feature that distinguishes them from other animals, these creatures know the concept of friendship very well and establish friendships. They remain loyal to these friendships. It’s also really impressive that they support each other by nurturing to build an incredible sense of trust. Also, elephants are among the rare creatures that can grieve for their lost friends. In this way, it is possible to see how rich and special the emotional world of elephants is.

What Are the Physical Characteristics of Elephants?

Some of the interesting information about elephants is their physical characteristics. We can list them as below:

  • The types of elephants are divided into three as Asian Elephant, African Forest Elephant and African Elephant.
  • Asian elephants have smaller ears than Africans.
  • The teeth of Asians are shorter than those of Africans in both males and females.
  • African elephants have 2 toes on their trunk, while Asian elephants have one.
  • Asian elephants have indentations on their heads, and the top of their heads is twin-domed. African elephants have a wider forehead.
  • African elephants have a long and small dent on their back. Their bodies are broad and their shoulders are short.
  • Elephants are herbivores and feed on leaves, grass, shrubs, fruits and flowers.
  • Asian elephants are known to feed on more than 100 plant species.
  • Both species require an adult elephant to receive 150 kg of food per day.
  • African elephants are the largest, tallest and heaviest land creatures in the world.
  • Females weigh half as much as males and are shorter in stature than males.
  • Male Asian elephants reach an average length of 2 meters and a weight of about 4 tons.
  • African Forest Elephants are the smallest elephants, with an average weight of 2 tons and a length of 2 meters.

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