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Kinkalow cat They are in the category of dwarfs due to their physical characteristics. It has a very minimal structure. Kinkalow cat It is a type of cat that is compatible with its very entertaining family. In terms of Kinkalow cat characteristics, it is seen that they get along very well with pets and children. Their care is not much different from other cats. Kinkalow cat It leads a healthy life when it is regularly cared for, its feathers are combed, and its nutrition is taken care of..

One of the rarest hybrids of the dwarf cat breed, the Kinkalow still resembles a kitten with rounded ears and a petite body. A hardy breed with minor genetic disease, the Kinkalow is bred by a handful of breeders worldwide.

Its development began when an American breeder named Terry Harris began breeding the Munchkin with the American Curl. Through this pilot program, he just wanted to see what the outcome of mating would be, but managed to create a new species with short legs and curved ears (the two closest species). Kinkalows are considered exotic and rare varieties. It has test breed status from the International Cat Association (TIKA) and is also recognized by the Dwarf Cat Association (TDCA). If you are going to introduce the Kinkalow to your family, it is important to work with a reputable breeder. This helps the kitten stay healthy.

Kinkalow Cat Features

This cat breed differ in their features. We have summarized these features in a tabular form for you.

Weight 1.5 Kg – 3 Kg
Length Between 13 cm – 25 cm
feathers Medium-long-compact-soft-haired
Feather Colors It has different colors
Eye Colors yellow-green tones
Average Lifespan 6-15 Years
Kinkalow Cat General Characteristics

Kinkalow Cat Character Traits;

Kinkalows are small cats, but they are definitely well-to-do. In fact, these kittens are known for their playful personalities. They experience bursts of energy as they run, play with their favorite toys, and in some cases play. This breed is also known to have a good time with its human family. Therefore, you should play with your pet daily. These cats are known for their curiosity, intelligence, energy and playfulness. They are also social. Whatever work you do, they end up right next to you. They also want to participate in your work. And if you’re looking for a cat that loves to cuddle with you, Kinkalow won’t disappoint. Overall, the Kinkalow’s sweet personality makes it ideal for singles, families with children, other pets and the elderly. If space is provided for play, care and love, they are ideal family companions and pets.

Kinkalow cat It can also live in harmony with other pets and children. Thanks to this feature, it is an ideal cat breed for large families.

Kinkalow Cat Physical Characteristics;

The Kinkalow cat, which is in the dwarf cat category, averages 7-8 inches in height. In other words, they are about 17-20 cm in length. Their average weight varies between 1.36 kilograms and 3.18 kilograms. When describing their physical properties, it can be said that they have a short and compact structure.

Kinkalow is available in all colors and patterns. This means you can meet one Kinkalow in the look dressed in a lab coat and find another Kinkalow in a chocolate brown coat. Other popular colors and patterns are black, sepia, gray, orange, cream and orange.

Kinkalow Cat Care

When it comes to grooming, there is no difference between long hair and short hair. Weekly hair care is enough. Healthy teeth and gums are critical for this breed of cat. You should brush your teeth at least once a week. It is enough to cut the nails within 15 days. You should clean your eye area with a dry towel at least once a week. They rarely need a bath. Ear hygiene is important due to the structure of the ear. It is recommended to clean the inside of the ear with a dry cotton swab to prevent possible problems. For this reason, you should seek help from a veterinarian, especially when it comes to ear cleaning. They are sensitive to the sandbox, they want it cleaned. They don’t want to go there when they find it dirty. For this reason, it should always be kept clean. Kinkalow cat When vaccinated on time and given proper care, it leads a healthy life.

Is Kinkalow Cat Care Difficult?

No, weekly hair care is enough.

What are the Character Traits of the Kinkalow Cat?

Kinkalows are small cats, but they are definitely well-to-do. In fact, these kittens are known for their playful personalities.


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