Marvelous Animals Series 3: Dogs

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Dogs are magnificent animals that can be found on the street, on the road and at home, and can be found everywhere at any time. Their feathers, which they are adorned with like a monolithic dress, and their full voice make them stand out in almost any environment.

Dogsis one of the oldest friends of mankind. They have helped mankind in many different ways, with many different tasks attributed to them. Dogs that left their mark in history, sometimes as watchdogs and sometimes as shepherds, have not lost anything from their position by keeping up with the changing times and have found a place for themselves in the homes of human beings.

It’s not just their fur or bark that makes dogs so gorgeous. Of course, their most unique and prominent features are the loyalty they offer to their owners and the love they nurture. Dogs, which stand out in every field with this feature, are often depicted as symbols of friendship in paintings and songs.

who have such great loyalty and love to their owners. dogshas affected human beings so much that in some languages, closest friends call each other dogs in order to show their love and loyalty.

DogsThey are living things that appear with different appearances in every culture and in every geography and take on different roles in every culture. These duties attributed to them have also caused them to be named and differentiated from other species.

Sometimes, dogs that take on the role of hunting and help their owners hunt are called hunting dogs. Today, this role has decreased considerably and dogs that have assumed this role have become pets and have found a place for themselves in homes.

Some dogsThey can perform some tasks even though they have no duties and are not in their structure. The biggest example of this is the Sivas Kangal dogs, also called the lions of Anatolia, which have an important place in our history and culture. These magnificent animals, which are normally guard dogs, shepherd their herds because of the great love and loyalty they have for their owners. Although every animal is magnificent, it is a situation that could be in the news as a reason we would never believe in another geography. Fortunately, we are in Anatolia and we can witness all the magnificence. 🙂

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talking dogs

One of the creatures that use body language the best. dog Our friends are able to express themselves freely in any situation. We can easily understand when they are afraid, when they are happy, when they are hungry and when they need to go to the toilet by their behavior. However, behind these easy inferences are thousands of years of experience with dogs.

Dogs When they are frightened, they may often react by trembling. In addition, they make a high-pitched sound by tucking their tails between their legs. This is usually the response to fear for dogs that bend their necks and move backwards.

Dogs who want to tell their owners that they are hungry usually wait in places where there is a food bowl or water bowl. Perhaps the situation in which they express themselves most clearly is when they are starving.

Dogs are definitely one of the animals that best express their happiness. Dogs smile and wag their tails when they are happy. If these magnificent animals, who make you love them with their behavior, roll on the ground and open their stomachs to you, all you have to do from that moment is to share in this happiness.

If a dog is wagging its tail around you, what it’s trying to tell you is just love. This movement, which stands out as a kind of invitation to play ritual, is also one of the situations where dogs express love. If a dog is wagging its tail in circles around you, there is no other way to play with it. 🙂

Dogs that need to go to the toilet suddenly disappear if they are not toilet trained. Then when he comes back, the whole thing comes to light and you may be angry at yourself for not toilet training. Toilet-trained dogs, on the other hand, head to the designated toilet area in the same situation. If they meet with closed doors on their way to this area, they will give you a command to open the door 🙂

PetSurfer team, in the third installment of our Fabulous Animals series dog We hosted our friends. We hope you enjoyed reading it. To make friends with one of such magnificent creatures Adoption You can take a look at our page. For more magnificence Gorgeous Animals Stay tuned to our series!

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Dogs and their behavior

Dog Our friends are magnificent creatures with unique behaviors. Of course, at the beginning of these idiosyncratic behaviors is the action they take in times of danger or when they feel in danger. Each species reacts differently. However, a dog and danger is in the same environment, all bets must be placed on the dog.

DogsThey may react and behave differently in every situation. The strange thing is that dogs show reactions to people they spend a long time with or have grown up with. This is an example that supports how good they are at modeling and imitation.

Dogs They are magnificent creatures that fascinate those who see them with every behavior they display. Dogs of all breeds and ages display highly intelligent behavior. Although the general denominator of behaviors and the product of high intelligence is the common denominator for all dogs, it may differ in some cases.

Dogs They are living beings with different species all over the world. Therefore, there are physical and behavioral differences between the species. These differences can stand out such as face shape, body structure and hair structure. Behaviorally, we can talk about instincts.

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