Shaking Shelter Dog Covers Her Foster Mom’s Face With Kisses

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Shaking Shelter Dog Covers Her Foster Mom’s Face With Kisses

A shelter dog who was so scared that she was shaking uncontrollably covered her foster mom’s face with kisses when she realized that she was being taken home.

The dog, who was later named Braydon, had been stray on the streets for a long time and was very wary of people when she first arrived at the shelter. But when her foster mom, Molly Steele, came to meet her, Braydon immediately warmed up to her.

“She put him in the van, and he didn’t want to leave,” Steele told The Dodo. “He was very happy to be off the streets.”

On the way home, Braydon couldn’t stop giving Steele kisses.

“Braydon immediately loved being with his new foster family,” Steele said. “He would not stop giving hugs and kisses. It was like he already knew us.”

Once they got home, Braydon jumped all over Steele and her husband, wagging his tail so hard that his whole body shook. He was so happy to finally have a loving home.

Steele says that Braydon is now a thriving and well-adjusted dog. He loves to play fetch, go for walks, and cuddle with his foster family. He is also very good with other dogs and children.

Braydon’s story is a reminder that even the most scared and traumatized dogs can heal and find love in a good home. Thanks to Steele and her family, Braydon is now living his best life.

The story of the shaking shelter dog who covers her foster mom’s face with kisses is a heartwarming reminder of the resilience and love of dogs. Even after being through so much, Braydon was able to trust and open up to her new foster family. Her kisses are a symbol of her gratitude and affection, and they show how much she appreciates the love and care that she is now receiving.

Braydon’s story is also a reminder of the importance of fostering and adopting dogs from shelters. There are so many amazing dogs like Braydon who are waiting for their forever homes. By fostering or adopting, you can give a dog a second chance at happiness and change their life for the better.

If you are thinking about getting a dog, I encourage you to consider fostering or adopting from a shelter. There are so many wonderful dogs waiting for their forever homes. And who knows, you might just find your best friend.

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