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Sustainability has been a hot topic in recent years. It is a growing trend and it will probably be a trend we will see in all sectors, including the fashion industry. Greater care and attention to the environment is critical to ensuring the safety of many of today’s more socially conscious younger generations.

As watch brands, there are many sales strategies you can implement to drive more sustainable sales that we hope will reduce the impact on the environment.
If I were to mention some of them;

Psychographic segmentation:
Psychographic segmentation, a method Rolex uses, is a wonderful process that deciphers customers’ needs. Therefore, both physical and digital resources are not wasted trying to figure out what the customer needs in their watch collection.

Custom made and tailored experiences:
Opportunities exist for luxury watch brands to offer each customer a unique and exclusive experience. These opportunities are used efficiently with custom-made watches with a special approach. It kind of means less waste. In sustainable sales, listening to your customers’ feedback is more efficient than having lots of leftover stock that cannot be changed.

Gender-specific content:
Depending on who the luxury watches are for, a marketing strategy that includes a gender-specific approach is crucial. Separate content can be created for men, women and those who say otherwise. It’s an effective way to make it friendlier and ensure your marketing budget is spent in the best possible way.

Purchase incentives that contribute to specific initiatives:
At times, customers like to see their purchasing decisions go towards more than just the product or service they are purchasing. This is why many businesses make applications to provide incentives to contribute to certain initiatives. For example, benefits per hour sold.

Providing world-class premium services:
As a luxury brand, first-class premium services must be offered. If there is no potential to offer these services, it must be developed, and a team that will only offer this service must be established.

Focusing on proving durability and environmental impact:
As a watch brand, it is important to showcase watches and their talents. How durable are they? They show how good they are through visual content through social media.

Take advantage of visual social networks:
Social media networks are a great way to showcase the visual side of watches and should be used to the fullest. It is effective to take advantage of a budget that is digital advertising, rather than contributing to the printing press turning it into a waste of paper.

Give your brand a story:
There is nothing more inspiring than a brand with a story. What matters is not how long a business has been running, but how the brand came about and what inspired its creation. Make sure it’s front and center for your entire brand, whether it’s a long or short story. Although it is not accepted or believed in our country, as someone who has experienced what the power of the story can do, I strongly stipulate that it should be done.

Find ways to educate your customers:
While many customers want to be environmentally conscious and sustainable, technical knowledge can be difficult. Some may already be making an active effort, but there is always something more that can be done.
As a brand, it can be great to educate your customers on how to be more sustainable and how the brand focuses on sustainability in its products and for the business as a whole.

If I give an example of a few brands that are examples of luxury watch sales strategies;

Jaeger-LeCoultre used gender marketing to his advantage to reach more of the market. They produced content not only for men, but also for women. In this modern age we live in, watch brands can also benefit from uni-sex luxury watches.

Omega is known for its effective campaigns that advance the message of innovation and revolutionary products. That’s why seeing Buzz Aldrin wearing an Omega Speedmaster in 1969 makes all the difference. Being the first watch on the moon! There’s nothing like delivering a brand message with excellent celebrity endorsement.

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