The funniest of cats and dogs new 2023

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Absolutely, the movements and behaviors of cats and dogs can be incredibly cute and endearing. Many people find great joy in observing and interacting with these animals due to their playful, curious, and sometimes goofy actions. Whether it’s a cat chasing a laser pointer, a dog wagging its tail enthusiastically, or a kitten batting at a string, these adorable moments often melt our hearts and bring smiles to our faces. The charm of these pets’ movements is a big part of why they are such beloved companions to so many people around the world.

Great Video 👍 Made my day 🐒🐕🐎🐈🐳 🐘 🐁🐖🐻 🐦 The delivery man freaking out when the dog 🐕came out to great him was the best. Couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for posting. 🐱

indeed very funny specially the ox which climbed on old man, the goose which scared when lights off and the lamb which ran with the dogs to catch the ball. 😂

Some videos are really funny and not dangerous for animals. Others shows only the humain stupidity. But is a pity that a lot of videos of animals only shows an incomplet part, cut in the middle, with non sens.


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