Use Dog Collars for Safety

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Going for a walk with our canine friends is vital for their health. In the saying “a tired dog is a happy dog”, which is often emphasized by experts, happiness means being healthy.

Our canine friends should get rid of the energy they have during the day by moving and get tired. Otherwise, in addition to mental disorders that may occur due to inactivity, obesity, heart disease and many other diseases can be observed in our canine friends.

For all these reasons, it is extremely important for our canine friends to play various exercise games and go for walks in order to get rid of their daily energy.

There are some issues that you should pay attention to while walking with our canine friends. These issues are extremely important for the safety of our canine friend. Attacks by other animals and of course situations and places that are of interest to our canine friend but should not go.

Dogs are extremely excited and curious creatures by nature. Although many features vary according to species and characters, curiosity and excitement do not change much. This curiosity and excitement can get our canine friends and we pet owners in trouble while out for a walk. By wearing a leash on our canine friends, you can restrict their movements in emergency situations and protect their safety and health.

dog collar training

To ensure the safety and health of your dog when you are out with your friend. dog collar must be used. In this way, you can protect him from the dangers outside and protect him from the danger situations where he wants to go with curiosity and excitement.

Wearing a collar is not something our canine friends like very much. The reason for this reluctance may be the pressure on their necks or breasts, or the inability to go where they want to go out of curiosity and excitement.

Although dogs do not like to wear leashes, dog collar It is vital for their health and safety. For this reason, it is necessary to give dogs the habit of leash starting from the puppyhood period.

Leash training is usually given to dogs aged 4 to 6 months. This is the ideal period for our canine friends, who are more open to training and learning, to receive leash training.

Generally, while our canine friends are trained, it is the openness of our canine friends to training that determines the training period. Some of our canine friends may refuse training due to their stubborn nature. However, all dog breeds will resist leash training, not just some stubborn breeds. For this reason, leash training is a training that requires extreme patience for dog owners.

It is quite possible that the first time your dog friend puts on the collar, he will not accept the collar and will want to take it off. For this reason, they may almost beg you to remove the leash. However, it is vital for their health and safety. dog collarIf , is omitted, the training will fail before it even begins.

In cases where your dog wants to remove the leash, you should continue leash training by diverting his attention. Although this may take a long time, this is just a practice phase. You must continue to study patiently.

After getting used to the leash, you can go for short walks with your dog. However, in these short walks, when your dog stops, you should not pull him by the leash, you should wait patiently until he continues to move. In a short time, your dog will get used to walking on a leash as well as wearing a leash. At this point, you can complete the training faster by applying the reward system, just like in other trainings.

If your dog friend is trying to run around with interest while he is on the leash, you just have to stop and wait. So you can show him that you are the router and not him. This way you can keep him safe and make walks safer. For safe and enjoyable walks dog collar It is the best helper.

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Determining the type of dog collar

The choice of collars used for the safety of our canine friends is very important. Dogs’ training, general behavior and body structures are the determining factors when choosing a collar.

The body structure of your dog is the most important issue when determining the collar. A collar may be insufficient for a large and strong dog. It will be healthier to use a harness for large dogs.

The leashes to be used by our dog friends who like to jump constantly should also be determined as a harness, taking into account the jumping habit. Otherwise, their necks may be damaged when they jump.

A collar will suffice for a dog that is not very large and generally has a calm attitude. Neck and chest harnesses as well as training harnesses are also available. These collars can be very useful in the training of our canine friends.

Some collars are designed with barbs and chains. When such collars are used, they should be adjusted so as not to hurt our canine friends. Collars are not used for aesthetic purposes, but for the health and safety of dogs.

Heavy leashes can injure our dog’s neck and even cause permanent damage to him. For this reason, another point to be considered when choosing a collar is that the collar should be light.

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