What Are Cat Breeds? Narration with Images and Explanations

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It has been confirmed that cats, which have an important place in all periods of human life, have been in the life of human beings for at least 9500 years with the cat skeleton found in the excavations in Southern Cyprus. Cats, which appear in different forms as different mythological elements in different cultures, have been one of the closest friends of human beings from past to present. Cats, who in the past appeared as gods in some cultures and as devils in some cultures, are only our cute animal friends today. Let’s start to get to know our feline friends better and learn more about their breeds by examining a few cat breeds we have prepared for you.

3. Scottish Fold

newly emerging Scottish FoldIt was discovered by a Scottish farmer in 1961. Its inverted ears distinguish it from other species. In general, he is a smart, well-behaved, calm and friendly character. It is usually gray in color, very similar to the British Shorthair breed, but its ears make it special.

Scottish Fold, which is a wonderful house cat due to its very smart and calm nature, is therefore a very preferred cat type by families with children. Easy to train and cute nature causes this. Quite docile and affectionate, the Scottish Fold is not known if it’s friendly or basic, but gets along well with everyone and doesn’t display aggressive behavior. Since he is not very energetic, he can sleep all day even after a short game. It can therefore be described as quite tame.

Scottish Fold, which has an average life expectancy of 12-17 years, is very prone to some diseases due to the genetic mutation in its ears. Considering these conditions, changes can be seen in the life span.

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1. British Shorthair

British ShorthairIt is a type of cat that has gained a place in our lives since the 19th century. The British Shorthair, which is a perfect house cat when it comes to its noble nature and superior intelligence, is also the joy of the house it is in.

With its round and strong bone structure, the British Shorthair, which is considered muscular compared to other cat species, has an average length that is not too long, as well as being durable. The British Shorthair, which has an average lifespan of 20 years, can turn the 20 years spent with you into a wonderful life.

Open to training, British Shorthairs become attached to their owner and have a deep loyalty after being separated from their mother. The British Shorthair, which is a perfect friend with its chubby and cute nature and mature character, does not easily get depressed even when busy with the intensity of daily life, so it is an excellent house cat.

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4. Bengal cat

bengal catIt was created in 1963 by crossing a wild leopard with a docile short-haired cat. Its rather wild appearance gives it a different and predatory air. The Bengal cat, which has become very popular as a house cat since the beginning of the 80s, attracts all eyes with its magnificent fur.

Available in colors such as golden yellow, brown, orange and ivory, the Bengal cat has wonderful fur with chocolate, brown and black spots.

The Bengal cat, which is very pleasant to live and spend time with, is very difficult to care for with its highly intelligent and curious nature as well as quite energetic behaviors. Bengal cats, who want a lot of attention and don’t get the attention they want, can have a very depressed attitude.

When the Bengal cat is left alone at home, it can meet with shocking images when its owner returns due to its very curious and energetic nature. Therefore, it should not be left alone. The Bengal cat, who loves and depends on his owner, is very eager to get attention from his owner.

The Bengal cat, which often has genetic health probes, is particularly prone to heart disease. In addition, attention should be paid to obesity in the Bengal cat, which can also experience kidney disorders.

5. Siamese cat

with a long history, siamese catThe Siamese cat, which was used as a temple guard in Thailand, is one of the most intelligent cat species in the world, which is very suitable for this job. Siamese cats, a completely natural and pure cat breed, were given to the British Consul General by the King of Siam in 1884. This is how the Siamese cat, which first went out of Siam in this way, began to be recognized by the world. Later, 11 more Siamese cats were brought to England. Those 11 Siamese cats are the ancestors of Siamese cats in Europe and America today.

There is no need to look for an answer as to why it is one of the most preferred cat breeds with its awesome blue eyes, masked faces and beautiful fur. In addition to its noble and intelligent stances, the Siamese cat, which has an agile body, creates admiration for those who see it.

The Siamese cat, which has a very good relationship with people, will have a loyal and protective instinct if it is well trained. The Siamese cat, which also has good relations with other species, is a wonderful house cat.

2. Persian cat

Persian Cat, aka Persian cat, got its name from the region of Iran, where it originated. The Persian cat, which emerged in the 17th century, emerged completely naturally, without human intervention. The Persian cat, which has attracted the attention of the whole world since its emergence, can be in almost any color, especially white, cream and yellow.

The Persian cat, which has a very sensitive body, is therefore only suitable for being a house cat. Its flamboyant body structure with its long and beautiful hair makes it one of the most preferred cats in the world.

Due to the sunken face and eye structure, the frequent discharge in the eyes accumulates in the eye sockets. At the same time, their long and flamboyant hair is also very sensitive. Therefore, it is very difficult to maintain and requires high cost.

The Persian cat, which is a fast-learning, agile mind, friendly demeanor and loyal to its owner, exhibits movements aimed at endearing itself. In situations where he is not interested, he is good at drawing attention to himself by making a joke.

Persian cats, who usually do not leave the house in their average life span of 10-15 years, are difficult, costly, but very showy and cute house cats. He can be a great house cat due to his good relationships with other animals as well as people.

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6. Sphinx cat

Sphinx cat breedIt is a hairless cat breed that emerged in the late 60s with its not so long history. Sphinx cats, a breed of Canadian origin, first appeared in Toronto, Canada. The Sphinx, which is distinguished from other species due to its hairless nature, is a remarkable and preferred cat species with this feature.

Although they do not have hair, Sphinx cats, which still need very detailed care, should be washed at least once a week and a moisturizing cream should be applied to their skin every day. Since it is hairless, if a moisturizer is not used, its skin may become stained and skin diseases may occur. Since they do not have feathers, they need to be dressed in cold weather. Therefore, it is a very demanding house cat.

The Sphinx cat type, which is very friendly and enjoys attention, is extremely energetic and enjoys playing games. The social and energetic Sphinx cat breed hates loneliness. In the absence of attention for a long time, it is inevitable to fall into depression. For this reason, their owners should get another cat or pet that can keep them company when they are not in a position to show attention.

7. Angora cat

originating from the Tatars Angora cat Its history first dates back to an official trade document in France. The Angora cat, which has attracted attention since the beginning of the 17th century, is considered one of Turkey’s national treasures because it is a pure and natural breed. It is also the first long-haired cat breed to appear in Europe.

It is an excellent house cat with a character that is very intelligent, brave and has a deep devotion to its owner. The Angora cat, which is quite athletic and full of energy, is a very social cat as well as being a great playmate.

They have a habit of hating water, which is thought to be due to the geography they live in. He may become grumpy when he cannot see the return of his love for his owner. It is because of this love that wherever its owner is, it is also there. With its high play energy, it can show affection to its owner in an exaggerated way. The Angora cat, which is as stubborn as it is intelligent, will continue until it achieves what it is trying to do or want to do.

In addition to its long body, it has a structure that can be considered larger than other cats with its long legs, long tail, long and muscular body structure.

In this content, we tried to give you as much information as possible about some cat breeds. Don’t forget to follow PetSurfer for more! Love.


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