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There are many traits in cats that we admire. However, whether it is short or long, cat hair with its warm and soft feeling when touched; It definitely has a special place. What about hairless cats? Among the most special animals in the world, cats, even the hairless ones, have managed to attract the attention of people. In fact, for some, these cute creatures have been a special interest, for others, it has become the way to live with a cat. So how well do we know hairless cats? How many different types are there and what are their characteristics? All about hairless cat breeds in this article!


The sphinx, also called the Egyptian cat or the pharaoh cat, is the most popular among hairless cats. This breed, which was understood to have descended from a black cat when it was first discovered, has turned into a species with different colors through reproduction studies. The sphinx cat, which is characterized by its drooping skin that spreads to its face, has a very warm and soft skin. It draws attention with its eyes being larger than the feathered breeds.

Sphinx Cat Features

Contrary to popular belief, the sphinx cat, whose homeland is Toronto, Canada, not Egypt, is described as an extremely docile and emotional animal. His athletic body gives him an active life. Curious and energetic; He likes to go to high places and loves long excursions. He gets along very well with other animals and especially people. It is a species that does not require much care due to its hairless nature, but can get very cold for the same reason. In order to keep them warm all the time, it is important that they live in environments with a constant temperature that their bodies need, and that they often wear clothes.

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A hybrid breed, the Bambino cat is descended from the Sphinx and Munchkin breeds. This cat breed, which has the most beautiful appearance of both species physically, is short-legged and hairless. This makes it one of the cutest among hairless cats. Because of their unique body structure and hairless skin, they get their name from the Italian “bambino” meaning “baby”.

Bambino Cat Features

The recognition of Bambino cats as a special breed is fairly recent. This breed, which is considered to be the homeland of Italy because it was discovered in Italy, entered the cat breed literature in 2005. Their short legs, which are their most characteristic feature, do not prevent them from being a playful and active cat. They are very social, affectionate and good-natured creatures. This species, which has sensitive skin, should be kept away from the sun and cold, and its care should be done with special creams.


The Donskoy cat, also known as the hairless Russian cat, is one of the few cat breeds in the world. Their biggest difference compared to other cats is their webbed toes. Their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs. This makes them a more capable breed at jumping. It manages to attract the attention of cat lovers with its groundbreaking physical qualities.

Donskoy Cat Characteristics

Donskoy, a small seaside town in Russia, is the homeland of this cat breed. Donskoy cats, which can be in different colors, are open to education and social and can easily relate to other cats. Their good-natured, friendly and calm features, along with their interesting stance, make them an extraordinary place among hairless cats.

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The Russian-born Peterbald cat is included in the class of hairless cats, although there are also breeds with very short hair. It is shown among the most valuable cats in the world. This is due to the increasing interest in cats all over the world, attracting the attention of Europe. These cats, which are characterized by their long – thin ears, upward slanting eyes and slender build, have an interesting appearance.

Peterbald Cat Characteristics

Being very active with their athletic bodies, being suitable for training with their intelligence; These are the prominent features of Peterbald cats. In addition to their playful personalities, they can quickly form warm relationships with other alien animals and humans. Like other hairless cats, this breed requires care and attention to match the sensitivity of their skin.


It is one of the most unusual looking cats among cat breeds. They look more like a puppy, with their curved ears, rounded heads, and relatively small eyes. Either completely hairless or with very short hair, the Levkoy is a descendant of Donskoy cats but is known as the Ukrainian Levkoy.

Levkoy Cat Features

Levkoy cats, which are not a natural breed, Scottish Fold It is a breed produced by mating Donskoy cats with cat species. Having a muscular body is due to their evolutionarily active life. They are energetic, adaptable, curious and loyal to their owners. Their communication with other animals and humans is quite strong and stable.

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