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Dogs, one of the most beautiful living species in the world, are special and magnificent creatures in every sense. Since some dog breeds are small in size compared to other breeds, they can be one step ahead of others and have a cuter appearance. These special and special little dog breeds, which are as cute as they are, have a very important place in popular culture and are extremely popular.

We have compiled some of these cute creatures for you, let’s take a look together. However, it is useful to warn in advance that let alone feeding these beautiful creatures, you can look at their photos for hours alone.

Chihuahua (Chihuahua)

Chihuahua, who has a great adaptability, can get along very well with almost every human and animal around him. Especially the Chihuahua breed, which has a separate relationship with their own kind, is a great companion. Chihuahua dogs, which require a lot of patience to train because of their difficult and stubborn nature, are extremely intelligent and gentle creatures. These cute creatures, which can have a giant courage despite their tiny size from time to time, have a deep devotion to their owners and try to protect them against the dangers that may come from outside. They see only one person as their owner and stick to it alone.

The Chihuahua species, which lives between 14-18 years depending on the living conditions, can usually have feathers in colors such as brown, white or blue. Since they have a thin layer of hair and skin, they can get cold quickly. Therefore, they must be in warm environments. Due to their small nose structure, they can produce various wheezing. This cute breed, which cannot live outdoors, is a complete apartment dog, and with all these features, it finds its place among small dog breeds.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier, who came to England with the Scottish workers who came to Yorkshire to work as miners, first had larger and larger sizes. The Yorkshire Terrier, which has grown to very small sizes by mating with different species over time, is among the most popular small dog breeds today.

Its tiny body and very long wonderful hair are divided into two sides, from the line on its back. The Yorkshire terrier species, which is generally born black and tan, changes colors as it grows and takes on the steel blue color, which is the predominant color among this species. Its small size should never be fooled, it has at least as much playful energy as a tiger. It is a small dog breed that is constantly moving and wants to play. Despite their small size, these little cute friends, who have great courage, display behaviors that do not belong to a small animal at all.

This tiny cute dog breed, which is very attached to its owner, takes its place among small breed dogs. These little friends, who can establish great relationships with people, are very distant towards those they do not know. The Yorkshire terrier breed, which is constantly seeking attention, is a breed that requires patience to train. Yorkshire terrier, which is a wonderful dog with its cute moods and energetic attitudes that want to play constantly, has a life expectancy of 12-15 years, depending on the living conditions. This species, which has an average weight of 3-4 kg, is usually between 15-18 cm in length.


The Pomeranian species, which has a wonderful appearance, has a beauty that can clearly distinguish itself among other species. This magnificent breed, which is quite tiny and cute, is among the small dog breeds.

The Pomeranian breed, which stands out with its intelligence, can be easily trained. This cute dog breed, which has a calm nature as well as intelligent, is a great house and playmate. These beautiful creatures, which can be considered tiny with their length, which can reach a maximum of 20 cm, can reach a maximum of 3.5 kg in weight. In addition to their erect ears and pointed noses, these magnificently beautiful creatures have wonderfully long hair, their tiny pointed noses are usually black, but they can sometimes be the color of their feathers. Their dense hairs, which are usually red in color, can also be white, black and cream colors from time to time.

The Pomeranian breed, which has a great desire to play, feels a deep loyalty to its owner. This uniquely beautiful breed, which has a lot of courage against its tiny body, can be a great guard dog. Unlike other small dogs, they usually enjoy standing on their own feet and walking around, not on the owner’s lap. The Pomeranian breed, which stands out for being extremely docile and friendly, is one of the most prominent breeds among small breed dogs.


Pug, which is a wonderful dog with its cute faces and tiny body structure, is among the smallest dog breeds due to its tiny size. This cute little dog breed, which is sensitive to extreme heat and cold, can form great friendships with people due to its affectionate and friendly temperament.

The Pug type, which has a very active structure, wants to play games and attract attention all the time. Pugs, which are generally silver, black and brown in color, have black paws and noses. This cute little breed, who enjoys being constantly moving and playing games, has a very stubborn nature. Therefore, their training requires a lot of patience. These cute creatures that don’t bark very often make great apartment dogs. The Pug, one of the longest breeds among the other dogs on our list, has a length of 30-36 cm. In terms of weight, while males can be between 6-9 kg, this number varies as 6-8 kg in females. It has a life expectancy of 12-15 years, depending on living conditions.

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Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu dog breed, which is an affectionate, friendly breed that can establish great relationships with everyone around it, is a great house dog with its extremely rare barking feature. This tiny and cute dog breed, which requires a lot of patience to train, can only be trained with a regular, persistent and patient process.

In addition to this, it is very common to use buckles or ribbons for this tiny cute dog breed, which needs to be constantly groomed in case its long hairs can become tangled. The Shih Tzu, which is a cheerful, friendly and intelligent dog breed, is very easy to care for, except for its fur. Since it is a delicate species, it should not be found in extremely hot and cold environments. They can be quite happy with small walks and games that are not considered long.

Depending on the living conditions, the Shih Tzu dog breed, which has a life span of 11-14 years, can be 20-28 cm in size on average, and can weigh between 4-7 kg. Shih Tzu, one of the small breed dogs with all these features, is a great house dog.

Pekingese (Beijing)

The Pekingese is a small-bodied dog with very long and dense hair. These tiny and cute creatures, which first appeared in China, have a deep-rooted history. The Pekingese type, which once lived in the king’s palace in China and was considered a sacred being, still has a more important place in the religion of Buddhism.

This tiny and cute dog breed, which has great courage regardless of its tiny size, feels a deep loyalty towards its owners. The Pekingese breed, which is very aloof and unpopular with strangers, is very stubborn and almost untrainable. The Pekingese, which is a great guard dog because its barking skills are quite developed, does not like to be loved because it has a very delicate structure. Therefore, their relationship with children is not very good.

The Pekingese breed, which is a great apartment dog, does not like to move, unlike other so-called tiny breeds. The Pekingese breed, which can meet its daily exercise needs with the games played at home, should definitely spend a few hours and play games with its owner during the day. Otherwise, they can create uneasiness for both themselves and their owners. The Pekingese dog type, which has a life span of 12-15 years depending on the living conditions, has a length that can vary between 15-23 cm and a weight that can vary between 3-6 kg. These tiny creatures, which can be considered good-natured, affectionate, intelligent, and stubborn and aggressive at the same time, are among the small dog breeds.

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Maltese Dog (Maltese Terrier)

The Maltese dog breed, which is a species that will fascinate the beholder at first sight with its shining white fur and deep black eyes, is one of the most sought-after dog breeds today. The history of the Maltese dog, which has a very deep-rooted history, dates back to 500 BC. These wonderfully beautiful little dog friends, which are frequently mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman literature, are a breed of dog that has attracted a lot of attention not only today, but since its existence.

The Maltese dog breed, which has an average weight of 1-4 kg, is usually in the range of 20-25 cm in length. The long white hairs of the Maltese dog breed, which requires a very detailed care, should be combed and cleaned every day. The Maltese dog type, which likes to move constantly and never stays calm and steady except for sleep, can sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. The average life span of 12-15 years can vary according to living conditions. A great home and playmate, the Maltese dog is one of the most prominent breeds among small breed dogs.

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