What are the Van Cat Breed and Characteristics?

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The Van cat species is a cat species that emerged around Lake Van, located in the east of Anatolia. The Van cat species, whose eyes are different from each other, stands out because of this feature.

The Van cat breed, which is among the magnificent animals with its eyes of different colors, wonderful feathers, playfulness, and interesting swimming, is a creature whose emergence date is uncertain but started to appear in books in the 1950s.

The Van cat type, which embodies the words gentleman and lady, has calm, charismatic, loyal and naive features. The magnificence of all cat breeds is extremely valid for the Van cat breed, just as it is for them.

This magnificence, which emerged in the east of Anatolian lands and cost the world from this geography, is a species that stands out with its unique features. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the Van cat breed together!

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Characteristics of the Van cat breed

The Van cat breed proves that it is Anatolian in every situation with its characteristic features. The Van cat type, which has a naive personality, is a breed that fully meets the requirements of the concepts of gentleness and ladyhood.

It also brings words such as deep love, loyalty and respect that it offers to its owner without expecting anything in return. Cats are generally highly emotional creatures who can’t get out of the effects of their experiences, sometimes for a long time and sometimes for a long time. Van cats also fit this definition to the letter.

The Van cat breed, which has a very calm character, can become extremely excited when playing games. However, even in this case, he can surprise those who see him with his calmness. The Van cat, who can establish good relations with everyone, does this over time. Over time, she gets used to those who try to approach and love her and establishes great relationships with them.

Things to consider in the care of a Van cat

Since the Van cat breed has a very naive character, it will not be difficult to train them compared to other breeds. This cute cat breed, which quickly reinforces education with its curious nature and superior intelligence unique to cats, is a very easy breed to care for.

The only point that is detailed in its care is the hair, as in other cat breeds. You can prevent shedding by regularly combing their dense and thick hairs. Apart from this detail, Van cats, which do not have many details to care for, are ideal pets.

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General characteristics of the Van cat breed

The Van cat species are magnificent creatures that emerged around Lake Van in eastern Anatolia and gained a worldwide reputation from there. van cat The most important features of the species are that one eye gets its color from the blue of Lake Van and the other from the amber soils of Anatolia.

The Van cat breed has a medium-sized body structure compared to other cat breeds. Its magnificent fur, which is short to long and long to short, is white and beautiful enough to remind you of the snowy landscape of the geography where it emerged.

Compared to other cat species, the Van cat species, whose face is not considered as long as its body, can have yellow, black and cream-colored spots on its face and tail. These spots, reminiscent of brush marks on a white canvas, dazzle as if they were the hand of a great artist.

Its mostly white spotted feathers keep it safe like an armor. Eastern Anatolia, which is the homeland for the Van cat breed, comes to mind with its cold winter after the Van cat. The cold winter days, in which the Van cat species adapted to survive in this region, caused them to be covered with such thick and waterproof fur.

The Van cat breed, which is registered to distinguish it from other cat breeds and takes its name from the land where it was born, is one of our world brands that cost the world from Anatolia. The difference in eye color he has has emerged as a result of a genetic disorder. Generally, both eyes of Van cat species are different from each other, but sometimes both eyes of Van cats can be blue or amber.

The estrus and kitten period of the Van cat species

The period called the heat period of the Van cat species takes place in February, March and June every year. The female Van cat breed does not experience any other heat in that year to those who become pregnant during estrus. After the first month of pregnancy of the female Van cat, whose gestation period lasts 62 days, a significant swelling occurs in the abdomen. The Van cat species, which does not let anyone touch its belly during the pregnancy period, can exhibit extremely protective and extremely grumpy attitudes during this period.

Just like in humans, the need for love and attention is at maximum level in the Van cat breed during pregnancy. However, despite this situation, the overriding feelings of protective motherhood push her to give birth to her baby in a place where no one is present, without anyone’s knowledge. After birth, the mother cat bites off the placenta. Female Van cats, who fulfill their mothering duty in the best way, nurse their kittens for 2 months. This period may differ for each cat.

Van cats, who have just opened their eyes to life, have two small black dots between their ears. These dots will turn into one eye, that is, two different colored eyes in the future. After 25 days of age, black spots begin to grow and appear in two different colors. It will occur after 40 days for their eyes to become clearly visible.

How to adopt a Van cat type cats?

Owning a cat is a solution created by today’s individualized societies against loneliness. It is extremely effective to have a cute little roommate in order to keep oneself away from the feeling of loneliness psychologically and to have the happiness of responsibility.

Although the functioning of today’s society is individualized, animals can also take the place of humans. The sound and joy they bring home is priceless and can sometimes cost 10 people. For this reason, owning a pet can also be called a sound to silence and joy to unhappiness.

When adopting a pet, priority should be given to the helpless, lonely and needy creatures that are outside or in shelters. No living thing is ever a commodity and they are priceless creatures. It is no different from human trafficking to use them as a tool for commercial purposes and in the eyes of ethical morality. For this reason, it will be more ethical to get the little cute friend you need from the street or shelter.

Van cat pet to adopt adoption You can take a look at our page.

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PetSurfer As a team, we tried to give as much information as possible about the Van cat species in this article. We hope it was useful. You can share with us what you know about Van cats through the comments. Stay tuned for more!

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