What is Cat Scratching? How to Prevent?

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Cats are creatures of great intelligence and emotionality, despite their small bodies. In this context, it would not be out of place to describe them as tiny giants. Cats, which are extremely emotional creatures, can quickly complete their emotional transitions and exhibit similar reactions and behaviors even in different situations.

cat scratch It is among the cat behaviors that can be exhibited from time to time. This is not a nuisance in cats, it is one of the basic cat behaviors. Cats, which have the potential to scratch almost everything in the house, reflect their various emotional states with these behaviors. This can be annoying for cat owners, if not for cats.

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Is cat scratching a sign of disease?

Cat scratching, which is one of the general and natural behaviors of cats, is not a harbinger of a disease, contrary to popular belief. Cats stretching their whole body using their back muscles and being in a movement is an activity for them and makes a positive contribution to their health.

Cats’ tiny claws have more than meets the eye. These tiny paws, which act as both hands and feet, enable them to perform their basic life activities. Cat scratching is extremely important to remove the outer layers of their tiny claws and remove the sharper claw layers from underneath. In this context, it can be said that scratching is of great importance for the health of your little cat friend.

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Cat scratching in emotional states

Cats, our cute little friends, are very emotional creatures. They are so emotional that they never forget those who showed love and care for them. The high fidelity ability of cats proves that their emotionality is as developed as their intelligence.

Cats with such an emotional nature are not only able to react in a variety of physical but also emotional situations. It can be observed that they exhibit scratching behavior in times of stress and happiness. It can be easily seen that when their owners, whom they have a great loyalty and love for, whom they put in the place of their parents, come home, they are scratching around with happiness.

The emotional structure of cats causes them to be under stress even in the smallest situations. One of the most suitable examples to be given to this situation is toilet needs. Cats are creatures that have a toilet area of ​​their own, just like dogs. Even if they identify the owners, they determine an area themselves and whenever they need to meet their toilet needs, they immediately go to this area. They may exhibit scratching behavior to indicate that this area belongs to them.

In these cute creatures, which can give similar reactions in different situations, cat scratching can be a sign of happiness as well as a sign to understand that they are under stress.

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How to prevent cat scratching?

Cat scratching is extremely important for the physical and mental health of our little cute friends. For this reason, it would be both impossible and extremely unhealthy to stop and prevent it completely. By creating an alternative to scratching for cats that damage the surrounding objects by scratching, you will enable them to both protect their health and express their emotions as they wish.

Although scratched seats, curtains and carpets bother cat owners, they are extremely important for the health of cats. Therefore, various measures can be taken to minimize the damage to the environment. At the beginning of these importance is to place scratch boards at various points of the house.

The scratching board is an alternative where your little cute cat friend can get the same pleasure by placing them on the points where they scratch frequently and with pleasure. If you can’t make the scratching board interesting for them, unfortunately, they will still continue to scratch the surrounding objects.

You can apply some catnip to the scratching board to attract the attention of your feline friends. This way, your feline friend will set out to explore the scratching board and will eventually scratch it. cat scratch There are some factors to consider for the scratching board, which is a great solution for These factors are of great importance in terms of both attracting your cat’s attention and keeping the items in the house intact.

At the beginning of the situations that should be considered, there is a solid fixation of the scratching board. In cases where the scratching board is not fixed, it can be carried to various points by your cat friend and inevitably the attention may be scattered to various points. In order to make the cat scratching board interesting, you can cover it with a piece of carpet, cardboard or fabric. This will help your feline friend to scratch more easily and with more pleasure.

PetSurfer As a team, we tried to give as much information as possible about cat scratching in this article. We hope it was useful. You can share what you know and think about cat scratching through the comments. Stay tuned for more!

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