What should we pay attention to when adopting a dog?

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I would like to touch on a subject that animal lovers are eagerly waiting for: dog adoption! Having a dog in our home can be a wonderful experience that adds color to our lives and allows us to create fond memories. However, owning a dog requires an important decision and some preparation. It is of great importance to consider material, social and psychological factors. It is necessary to choose a breed suitable for our home life and energy level, to organize the dog’s living space and to offer him enough time and love. In this article, we will address dog readiness, habitat, racial factors, and psychological factors. Let’s dive into this fun topic together!

Getting Ready to Adopt a Dog

First, we must ask ourselves the following question: Are we ready for this? Psychologically, financially, socially and in the sense of the region we live in… Each of these are interrelated connections. If we are in a financially deficient point, we cannot provide our dog with adequate health and nutrition opportunities. If we do not have enough space and time socially, we cannot spare enough time for our dog. It is especially important when we spend time with our dog. We must never forget that he is a living being. If you do not include your dog in your social life, it will be no different from an ornamental fish – even the fish that is the easiest to care for, you have to spare time for. You have to feed, change the water and clean the aquarium.

However, dogs require special attention. We can think of them as the same people. When deciding to adopt a dog, you should consider whether you can provide them with enough social space and social time. Then you should pay attention to the living space. The area where the dog will live must have adequate equipment. If he lives at home, the area where he lives at home must have a certain location for him. It needs to be determined and organized from where he will sleep, where he will eat, to the areas where he will spend time in the house. These areas may also differ racially. An animal such as a Kangal or Great Dane is unlikely to live indoors for hours in an apartment. Some behavioral disorders may occur in dogs that are left alone at home for long hours.

Dog Habitat and Racial Factors

If we evaluate the home life according to the breeds of the dogs, it is necessary to adopt a dog according to your social life. For example, if you do not like walking very much and do not have an active social life, you should first think carefully about whether to adopt a dog. If you have a life that way, you should consider energizing more quickly breeds. You should choose a dog that can release energy faster and adapt more quickly to the home environment. For example, the Russian Pekingese are active animals, but they can adapt much more easily to their home environment. With a good education, King Charles can adapt to the house very quickly, only after certain points of need are solved, he can quickly throw off his energy with small games. However, if we talk about breeds such as Beagle or Cocker among small breeds, you have to risk spending at least 4 hours a day outside.

As for large breeds, you should give a dog at least 4-5 hours of energy a day in order to get rid of its energy in large breeds such as the most common Husky, Golden Retriever, German Wolves (also known as K9s), Belgian Marino, San Bernard. For this, you have to sacrifice your sleep, as a result, you have to risk being cold in winter and sweating in summer. Because if you can’t provide your dog with a sufficient level of comfort, it starts to turn into a torture point after a while in terms of both the dog and the dog owner in the social area, apart from the area where he lives. When the dog can’t release enough energy, it starts to turn to different problems at home. Dogs often use their jaws to release their energy. For this reason, they start to gnaw things. Controls, slippers, shoes, socks, furniture can be destroyed in this process. Therefore, the social environment has a great influence.

Psychological Factors in Dog Adoption

To sum up, the economic situation, the dog’s living standards and the dog’s breed can be the determining factors. However, as a separate issue, you should also determine whether you are suitable for owning a dog in a psychological context. For example, if you have an aggressive and irritable nature, owning a dog with a very high motivation to protect, hunt and attack will not be much different from circulating an unlicensed weapon.

Even an animal that can be seen as the most docile and calmest can be turned into a very aggressive nature. This is a valid concept from small breeds to large breeds. The aggressive nature of animals such as Rottweilers and Pitbulls is unfortunately due to the fact that they are in the hands of the wrong people, and therefore they are misdiagnosed in Turkey. Certain people have used these dogs to attack, intimidate, or fight for their own satisfaction. The dog is already a mirror of a person, namely its owner. Dogs take their owner’s character exactly and reflect it that way.

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