Why Do Dogs Rub on Grass? Here are the Reasons!

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Dogs rub on grass for many reasons. This is what we call rolling in the grass. When your dog is quite used to running and playing on the grass, suddenly rolling on the grass can cause question marks in your mind. While entertainment is the most common cause, health problems such as itching or allergies are also the most common causes of rolling in the grass. It is possible to reach the cause easily by keeping our pawed friends under observation and knowing about their symptoms.

Causes of Dogs Rubbing on Grass (Rolling on Grass)

why do dogs roll in grass


One of the most common reasons dogs rub against grass or other surfaces is itching. Because problems such as parasites, allergies or skin infections that cause discomfort in their skin, hair and ears can cause itching. In this case, friends with paws try to relax by scratching themselves, and rubbing on the grass also helps relieve itching.


Dogs rub against the grass just to yawn, so they roll. Yawning is a natural reflex that creates a sense of relaxation in dogs, and sometimes this reflex is enhanced by rubbing against the grass.


Most dogs spend most of their time playing. These games can sometimes include rubbing themselves on grass or the ground. This behavior is considered a fun activity for dogs.


It is also possible for dogs to rub against the grass to clean themselves. They may engage in this behavior to remove dirt or parasites, especially in the face and ear areas.


Dogs are known to exhibit certain behaviors instinctively. Many of these behaviors are ancestral reflexes. Rubbing on the grass is also one of the instinctive behaviors of dogs.


It is known that dogs shed their hair in some periods. During the shedding period, dogs may rub against grass or other surfaces to relieve itching. They turn on their backs, almost scratch their backs and start rolling.


Allergic reactions in dogs can also cause itching. Allergic reactions are usually due to food or environmental factors. Dogs can rub it on grass to relieve itching on their skin.

As a result, there are many reasons for strange-looking behavior such as rubbing against grass. Dog owners can deal more accurately by trying to understand the reasons for these behaviors so that their dogs stay healthy and happy.

Is It Harmful For Dogs To Rub On Grass?

It’s okay for our pawed friends to roll on the grass, and in fact, it’s often considered normal behavior. Many dogs enjoy rolling in the grass and find it an enjoyable activity. In addition, it can provide many benefits to your dog. Some of these;

  1. Dogs may roll in the grass to remove odor and dirt from their bodies or coats. This can help them do some sort of self-cleaning.
  2. Dogs may leave other scents on them for the purpose of communicating with other animals and other dogs. This enables them to communicate with other animals through the scent they secrete from their sweat glands.
  3. Rolling around in the grass provides exercise and fun for dogs. Physical activity and exploration of the environment increase mental and physical stimulation for dogs.

However, in some cases the act of rolling in the grass can cause health or hygiene problems for pawed friends:

  1. If your dog’s environment is dirty or contaminated with toxic substances, rolling in the grass can be harmful. Due to environmental pollution, coming into contact with toxins can endanger the dog’s health.
  2. Dogs can be allergic to certain types of grass or plants. If they come into contact with plants that cause allergies, they may experience skin itching and discomfort. In addition to these, there may be poisonous plants for dogs in the area. This too should not be forgotten.
  3. Lawns can be places where parasites can be found. Fleas and ticks, in particular, can attach to your dog’s skin and cause health problems.

If your dog’s rolling behavior in the grass seems unusual or you have concerns about this behavior, it would be best to consult your veterinarian. Your vet can assess your dog’s health and detect any health problems or parasitic infections. It’s also important to make sure the environment is clean and free of plants that could trigger your dog’s allergic reactions.

How to Control Dogs Rolling on Grass

why do dogs rub on grass

When you want to keep your dog off the grass, you can take a few steps to control his behavior:

Education: Teach your dog a command such as “no” or “don’t” and use it to ask him to stop rolling.

Lawn care: You can keep the grass looking healthier by cutting the grass frequently, removing weeds and watering it regularly. Thus, you can create a less attractive area for your dog.

Alternative activities: Get your dog into activities other than rolling on the grass. For example, you can play games with him, go for a walk or exercise.

A safe area: Identify a safe area where your dog can roll over. For example, you can surround this area and have your dog just roll around here.

Veterinary check: Have your dog’s health checked regularly by the veterinarian. Health problems such as parasites or skin issues can cause your dog to over-roll.

By using these methods, you can control your dog’s rolling behavior in the grass. But remember, rolling is a natural behavior and your dog will enjoy it. Therefore, letting it roll is important to her happiness.

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